An Aussie Day Bush Feast

An Aussie Day Bush Feast

While I consider myself a ‘glamping girl’, Australia’s favourite outdoor adventurer, All 4 Adventure’s Jase Andrews is a renaissance man. He’s just published a new cookbook, ‘About That Much…’ – a camping bible of simple and fancy recipes to get you through the toughest trip.

If you’re hitting the dirt trail this Australia Day, you won’t be taking your kitchen with you. But don’t feel you’re missing out! Jase has just the menu for you to enjoy in the bush, fair dinkum!

Entrée: Witchetty Grubs

The Witchetty Grub is considered a delicacy in the bush tucker world. Once you get past the mental barrier of eating grubs, you’ll find that they’re full of flavour and a great source of protein. Eat them ‘commando-style’, or treat them to their own private BBQ, rolled in the coals of your campfire. You’ll find the tasty little fellas in the roots and trunks of the witchetty tree, where they’re feasting on the timber.

Main: Mud Crab

Mud crab makes great eating. While most people choose to boil them, one of the best ways to prepare a muddy is to throw it on the coals, where it cooks in its own juices, giving the meat a beautiful smoky flavour. Campsite cooking on coals is the best! Fish, crabs, potatoes, grubs – just about anything can go in there and come out tasting fantastic. Well, almost anything!

Side: Fruit and Nut damper

The classic combo of fruit and nut fits perfectly with the Aussie bush classic, damper. It’s a simple thing to put together:


3 cups flour

1 cup milk

2 eggs

1 small tin apples

1 cup fruit ‘n nut mix

Lots of bush honey


Place the flour in a bowl with the eggs, apple, honey, fruit ‘n’ nut mix and half of the milk. Gently combine and add extra milk if needed to form a dough. Place into a greased cake pan, then onto a trivet in the camp oven. The damper is cooked when your knife comes out clean, normally around 40 minutes. Then, butter it up.

So, there you have it, Aussie Day lunch in the bush.

For an accompanying cocktail, I’d suggest Australian Green Ant Gin topped up with tonic and dressed with finger lime. That ‘ll keep the mozzies at bay.

By the way, you can purchase Jase Andrews’ cookbook, ‘About That Much…’ at RRP $34.95


NOTE: This article was published in The Sun on 23 January 2018.