The Bavarian, Broadbeach

Situated in the middle of the chic Oracle Boulevard, Broadbeach, The Bavarian is party central for the area.  Part of the 30-strong Bavarian group across Australasia owned by the Rockpool Dining Group, the spacious Broadbeach venue provides a healthy dose of fun, sensory indulgence and laughter. It’s a mecca for Aussies seeking respite from the clutches of the working week and a welcome haven for European tourists seeking flavours familiar to their palate.

First launched in 2005 in Sydney, The Bavarian has proved popular for long business lunches, post-work drinks and relaxing dinners at communal tables, following the Bavarian tradition of sitting down with family and friends to share a meal, enjoy a beer and celebrating good times.

Embraced by locals and tourists alike, the Bavarian is popular with both small and large parties of diners, the huge two-storied space well utilised by a variety of groups for different purposes: a quiet girls’ weekday lunch in the breezeway, a sassy cocktail evening or event launch upstairs in the function area, or a more rowdy buck’s night out back.

King of everything sticky, spicy and slow-cooked, this is modern Bavarian-inspired food at its glorious best. From fresh pretzels to chicken schnitzels, smoked chicken wings to huge pork knuckles, and build-your-own salads to sauerkraut frankfurter dogs, there are options for everyone.

Building on its meat creds, the latest offerings from The Bavarian are their glistening slabs of sticky, slow-cooked pork ribs and smoked chicken wings, available separately or on huge shared platters loaded with the new flavours.

The ribs are dusted in a coffee-spice rub, glazed in house-made Jack Daniel’s sauce then slow-cooked for two hours to create perfect sticky sweet ribs that fall off the bone at the touch of your knife. Like them hotter? Then opt for a spicier version of the glaze called ‘Jack Fire’ ($39).

Paired with the ribs are peach wood double smoked chicken wings doused in Jack Daniel’s sauce (or Jack Fire), served with vegie sticks and blue cheese dip ($22). For plant-based diners, Cauliflower wings are available ($20).

We feast on the Ultimate JD Platter ($80), loaded up with a full rack of Jack Daniel’s smothered ribs and a tumble of chicken wings alongside a tower of crispy onion rings, chips and two Jack Daniel’s sauce-smothered fried chicken bao buns. It’s a generous board full of hearty meat that could easily feed three or even four, leaving room for a fresh pretzel or decadent brownie!

Although the menu runs shy of a lot of food intolerance options, we find the staff very accommodating of our requests. Dining with a gluten and dairy-intolerant family member, we’re pleasantly surprised at the number of options available: Spicy squid, Pork belly, Buffalo wings, salads and wraps and the Pork knuckle, which she chooses, finding half a knuckle served with sauerkraut, a delicious pickled cabbage and a side of gravy to be a very generous serve!

There’s a separate kids’ menu of affordable nutritious meals or dine on Sunday when kids eat free.  Weekly Specials offer great value as does the Brew Mates deal that gives members 50% off every Monday.

Wine, cocktails and a great schnapps list supplement a variety of beers on tap. The Bavarian features a range of local craft beers as well as imported Bavarian biers.

Bavarian Purity Laws dating back to 1516 allow only four ingredients to be used in the making of bier: malt, barley, yeast and water. Along with local craft beers, you can choose from the pure Bavarian biers, many available on tap, including Lowenbrau, Hofbrau Original, Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier or Mango Weissbier served with a splash of mango juice. Draft bier comes in three sizes: 300ml, 500ml and the massive litre steins.

Above the bar, hundreds of authentic steins are suspended from the ceiling on wire frames, awaiting the next onslaught of patrons, eager to join in the fun and have a good time. For breakfast, lunch, dinner or party, it’s all about ‘Gemütlichkeit’: the feeling of a place that makes you feel contentment and good cheer. Bright and fresh, The Bavarian reminds us that there is a lot to be happy about!

2 Oracle Boulevard, Broadbeach Ph: 07 5512 0555

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NOTE: Good Food Gold Coast was a guest of The Bavarian. Two photos credited to The Bavarian.





Open daily 11am – late
2 Oracle Boulevard, Broadbeach QLD, Australia