Boudoir Lounge

Boudoir Lounge is the answer to a question.

It’s a question that has intrigued and puzzled men since the beginning of time, a question whose story is told in one of Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales’, of a king who sends his knights on a quest to find out what women most want.

Even today, it’s the question that many men want answered; the question that most women (and some men) already know the answer to.

Restaurateur Harvey Gebara knows the answer: Women want to be adored.

A successful banker and entrepreneur living in Sydney, he carried a dream of opening an establishment on the Gold Coast aimed particularly at women; a place where they could meet with their friends, relax, have a bite to eat and a cocktail and truly feel as though they are loved.

“People ask, ‘Is it a bar, a restaurant, or a beauty salon?’” he tells us. “It is all of these, but most of all it’s a playground for women,” he says. “My job is to make them feel beautiful.”

“It’s a gift to my family,” he says, quick to clarify that everyone is welcome, however his initial dream was to create a place where his sisters and mother would be welcomed, feel pampered and be eager to spend time with their friends.

Harvey talks friends, I think party and how ideal it would be to book a space here for a hen’s soirée or birthday party, let alone a drop in zone for a quiet drink and chat!

Boudoir Lounge is a haven borne of his coastal Middle Eastern heritage, of the cafés and hairdressing salons that he and his family owned.

“I saw a market in the beauty industry for a place where you could get a treatment or blow wave, mani, pedi or facial, at the same time enjoying a glass of champagne or cocktail, sharing the experience with your bestie,” Harvey tells us.

It’s a complete pamper package that he accomplishes brilliantly. The impression of glamorous luxury is seen in the gold trim of the bar, the soothing aquamarine and orange tones of velvet lounges, huge arrays of flowers crowning the centre of the room, attentive service, and delicious platters of food to be shared. Comfortable and unhurried, we’re encouraged to linger.

Brazilian-born chef Tamara Zeppelini oversees the kitchen, her sure hand producing an array of internationally-inspired tapas plates: the well-named Armenian-inspired Cherry Bomb that when eaten fills your mouth with an explosion of cherry glaze, pretty Beetroot-cured sashimi dotted with blackberries, Angus sirloin dressed with a punchy chimichurri sauce, Crispy Pacific Rim coconut prawns with spicy mango butter, or an indulgent bowl of fries cloaked in eleven spices served with truffle mayo.

Delicious and easy to handle, the tapas are perfect to eat while sipping your favourite tipple, playful with flavour and on point with many of the plates being vegetarian and gluten free. You can buy plates solo or as packages of four, six or eight to share. It’s the way many women like to eat – quality not quantity with a wine or cocktail of choice in hand.

And talking cocktails, mixologist Archie von Douglas has you covered. From the sophisticated ‘Boudoir Betty’ to the subtle tang of ‘Audrey Nights’, named after Harvey’s 113-year-old grandmother, there’s a drink to suit your tastes, including wine, champagne and mixers. It’s all about cementing friendships, indulging in time together.

To us, Boudoir Lounge is not just a venue but an experience – the feeling of being adored and embraced, the feeling of friendship and being ‘spoiled’ with friends, of being ‘a queen for a day’.

That makes us feel special and, after all, isn’t that what every woman wants?

Boudoir Lounge, 410/1 Como Crescent, Southport Ph: 07 5528 1104

Open: Thurs – Sat 4pm – midnight; Sun 11am – 6pm

DJ entertainment Friday & Saturday 5pm – 9pm; Live music Sunday 12noon – 4pm.

NOTE: Good Food Gold Coast dined as a guest of Boudoir Lounge. Bookings are essential.

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Open: Thurs – Sat 4pm – midnight; Sun 11am – 6pm
410/1 Como Crescent, Southport QLD, Australia