Bunnath Kitchen

Stories are sacred, and being a listener is a privilege. Especially tonight. We know a fair bit about Cambodia, having visited recently, so on our visit to the Gold Coast’s…

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Kopitalk Coffee

It’s not every day that you can be personally served brunch by a Masterchef, let alone one with a cult following. But at Kopitalk, you can. Kopitalk is a local…

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Meraki Whole Food Kitchen

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The little enclave of shops in Brooke Avenue, Chirn Park has become quite a foodie haven. With plenty of parking around, it’s a popular lunch spot, yet there’s been a…

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Boudoir Lounge

Boudoir Lounge is the answer to a question. It’s a question that has intrigued and puzzled men since the beginning of time, a question whose story is told in one…

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Akademya at KDV Sport

The Gold Coast is home to many distinct tribes. Many of us identify with one or more of these tribes, such as musos, adventurers, intellectuals, foodies, surfers, mothers, nature-lovers and…

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It’s always fascinating to find out the story behind a restaurant – how the owners came to be here, the concept they envisaged and how that translates into the restaurant’s…

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Garlic Clove Indian

The restaurant name ‘Garlic Clove’ is not new to the Gold Coast, but neither is its owner, renowned Head Chef, Sabir Merchant (ex-Kokum). Sabir Merchant is one of those chefs…

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Wildernis Café and Bar

Wildernis Café + Bar captures the Palmie vibe perfectly. This once sleepy suburb, now full of building activity, houses an assortment of eateries, each one, including Wildernis, reflecting a casual…

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Finn Poke

If there’s something we never tire of, it’s freshness. The first dedicated poke bar to open in the south-east corner, Finn Poke, opened their second venue upstairs in Pacific Fair…

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Pacific Fair Dining

Pacific Fair is well on the way to creating an ‘eat or shop’ dilemma. As part of a $670 million redevelopment, high end fashion shops with huge investment fit outs…

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