Go Gelato, Summer is Coming!

Go Gelato, Summer is Coming!

As we move towards the end of spring, it’s time to greet summer with a smile. To us that means sunshine, beach, salads and gelato!

We check out three gelato shops where you can indulge your sweet tooth knowing that you’re dining on the best the coast has to offer. Each one strives to make top quality product from the best natural ingredients. Lower in fat and denser than regular ice cream, each mouthful is a burst of flavour.

My Gelato

My Gelato’s owner, Davide Lo Giudice graduated from the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy before moving to the Gold Coast to open his gelato shops. At My Gelato, it’s all about the taste. No preservative, artificial colouring or flavouring, just top-quality Lindt chocolate, Dutch cocoa, real fruit and fresh milk and cream, it’s no wonder Davide’s gelato tastes so scrumptious! The ‘OMG’ is a flavour explosion of Nutella, salted caramel and toffee, but it’s only one flavour in My Gelato’s vast, constantly evolving range. Then too there’s Davide’s Gelato Panini, a first for Queensland! Tasting like a gelato-filled doughnut, it’s a must try!

Cricelato Artisan Gelato

Jonathon Rodgers of Cricelato learned the art of gelato from Melbourne’s Gelato Primavera.

“We only use natural ingredients such as raw sugar, mostly without egg and some are dairy-free. We use no preservatives or emulsifiers,” he tells us. “We have a menu of twelve rotating flavours. Some are traditional, but others are far more adventurous.”

Storing his gelato in a traditional Pozzetti cabinet not only ensures freshness but also encourages us to choose a flavour based on the description. Roasted salted peanut with chopped pretzel crunch topped with finger lime and honeycomb – that sounds (and tastes) sublime!

Heven-yah Gelato

Local sisters Holly and Amy Prosser were inspired by their father, a Carpigiani Gelato University graduate, to learn about traditional gelato making in Portugal, returning to the Gold Coast to make gelato. They opened their shop in Mermaid Beach in 2017.

“We grew up in Mermaid, so it felt good to start something here,” Amy tells us. “There’s a real community feel to the area and we’ve had great local support.”

The gelato has three base ingredients: milk, sugar and cream, plus real fruit for flavour. The girls make their own crème fraiche so the gelato is probiotic and activated, with good bacteria to promote healthy gut flora. A traditional Pozzetti cabinet ensures that Heven-yah’s gelato stays at maximum freshness…that is until it’s eaten. Who could resist!

My Gelato, Oracle Blvd., Broadbeach & Douglas St., Kirra

Cricelato Artisan Gelato, Marina Mirage, Main Beach

Heven-yah Gelato, 2387 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach