In Praise of Country Towns

In Praise of Country Towns

Country towns are the lifeblood of Australian society. They are a “microcosm of the human experience, but with more intensity”.

We all enjoy the buzz of city life, but a journey through a small town gives us a chance to connect with locals and experience living on the land. We can settle into a slower pace of life and have real conversations.

Living in a small community is not for the faint hearted. There’s little anonymity in country life. Your neighbours know your mistakes and your strengths. Friends and rivals must stand side by side to face fire and drought together.

Country towns are about connection with others, networking, pitching in to help each other in emergencies. Your neighbours are your support in harvest or in drought, in sickness and in health. They end each day tired, but with a sense of accomplishment.

To city dwellers, country life seems uneventful, yet many there live full, involved lives. They too have art and culture, their favourite places and celebrated events.

“Most small town people live out quiet, uncelebrated lives of dignity and depth. They work; they care for their families and their friends; they mow their lawns and mop their floors. They may not be famous or trend-setting. But they have lives worth living.” J. F. Riordan

Country towns are the foundation on which our land was built.

  1. Carcoar, NSW – The start of the Carcoar Cup race marked on the main street
  2. A laneway beside the General Store in Carcoar
  3. Stoke Stable Museum, convict built in 1849, Carcoar
  4. Rosnay Organic Farm tasting room, Canowindra
  5. Millthorpe
  6. Cowra, the old river crossing
  7. Antonio’s Wines, Canowindra
  8. The workshop at Rosnay Organic Farm, Canowindra
  9. Grenfell silos
  10. Millthorpe
  11. Millthorpe Public School
  12. The old railway bridge, Cowra
  13. Carcoar streetscape
  14. Millthorpe streetscape
  15. Carcoar

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NOTE: GFGC was a guest of Central NSW Tourism, Orange 360, Cowra Tourism and Bathurst Tourism.