Jack’s Coffee Roasters

When it comes to coffee worldwide, Australians demand the best. So, we’re pleased to see another specialty roaster pop up in our midst late in 2018, especially one with such a wide and exceptional range of specialty coffees!

Dressed up in friendly pastel shades of musk pink and dusky green with pretty tiles and a couple of flamingos floating around, locally-owned Jack’s Coffee Roasters enjoys a pleasant open dining area facing both Palazzo Versace and Mirage’s marina and Broadwater beyond.

In one corner stands the shiny new 7kg Phantom roaster, purchased locally from Coffee Roasters Australia, which has started production of 30kg of house roasts every Tuesday, beans ethically from local suppliers. The roast is 20% development time giving a medium roast, the single origin a light to medium roast, Jonathon tells us.

“We want to showcase ethically sourced coffee with well-chosen food,” Head Roaster and GM Jonathon Rodgers tells us. “Our Australian importers work closely with farms to get the best coffee.”

It’s hard to beat Jonathon’s knowledge, talking coffee as though it were wine. Following a career in bespoke luxury tourism through his business ‘Etiquette Marine’, he’s taken up the management of both Jack’s Coffee Roaster and nearby Cricelato Gelato.

There’s even a coffee degustation: six coffee tastes accompanied by an assortment of treats from the café.

Jack’s Limited Edition Summer Blend – With petite blueberry tarts

A blend of three unique coffees – the chocolatey flavours of Honduras, a Colombian micro-lot and the blueberry notes of Ethiopian Black Lion Arabica, the Summer Blend goes perfectly with petite blueberry tarts from My French Pastries. Jonathon explains the maturation of the roast, how volatile gases are released from Days 1 – 7, with Day 8 – 14 being the best time to drink the coffee.

Honduran Single Origin Filter Coffee – With petite almond and plain croissants

Different single origin coffees emerge throughout the year, with this one having a sweet chocolatey taste. Ground in an EK43 for consistency and fine-tuning of the grind, we learn that every shot is weighed separately at Jack’s, ‘dialled in’ using a recipe for each different coffee. Wind, sun and moisture all affect consistency.

Jack’s serves a bottomless filter coffee as one of its options for $5.50pp.

Cascara Coffee Tea

This Bolivian Cascara is like nothing I’ve tried before – a coffee made from the skins of the beans, batch brewed hot then chilled to serve as a palate cleanser. High in anti-oxidants and full of tannin from the coffee skins, the brew tastes like a mix between coffee and tea.

Assortment of coffee beverages including frappés – With platter of Jack’s Signature Big Breakfast

Salted caramel and white chocolate tasters are a smooth indulgence to accompany the delicious Big Brekkie. Using premium locally sourced products, such as Lucas Meats’ Bronte beechwood-smoked bacon, Emu Creek free range eggs, Mt Warning pork chipolatas and house-made baked beans, breakfast is delightfully relaxed overlooking the magnificent view.

For me, a cold drip iced long black or a nitro coffee would accompany this breakfast very well on warmer days. Seeing house-made sourdough crumpets on the menu demands a return visit on cooler days when a flat white needs company!

Indian Monsoon Malabar

From the hillsides of Malabar on India’s southern coast, this unique Arabica coffee is intensely savoury and earthy with no acidity due to its unique preparation. The beans are left out in open sheds for the weather to take its toll, mimicking how coffee historically was carried by wooden ships in hessian bags, left exposed to rain and wind as they travelled on the deck.

House Blends – With French Vanilla Slices and petite Chocolate Croissants

The store runs two house blends which Jonathon says took six months to design and blend: Milk Night, a blend of ‘the three Cs’ – Costa Rican, Colombian and Cuban beans complemented by the addition of milk, is rich, chocolatey and nutty with low acid and a finish of stone fruit; and Bold & the Beautiful, a Nicaraguan, Ethiopian and Ugandan blend with medium acidity to drink black.

Though we feel that we’ve taken in more food and coffee than knowledge, this degustation was both interesting and delicious, widening our view of coffee varietals and possible coffee and food pairings.

There’s a full a la carte menu on offer as well, bridging breakfast and lunch – great well-provenanced fresh food that’s not overworked, a refreshing change for travellers who long for a more homestyle nutritious meal.  You’ll not only find breakfast classics, but also healthier options, with a focus on vegan options included. Luscious salads, such as the Atlantic salmon and haloumi salad, or the Pumpkin and haloumi salad with pine nuts add freshness and protein with a rainbow of colours on display. Pastrami Reuben Bagels and 5-hour beef brisket burgers verge more into comfort food,  as does the Chicken Club Bagel and the Plant Burger, enjoyed dining outdoors in the spring sunshine looking across to Palazzo Versace.

As we drift into the afternoon, perhaps you’d like to stop for a Cleanse Kitchen juice, the Clean Machine or Beet it! together with a breakfast biscuit to see you through the afternoon. Whatever your food desire, Jack’s offers the best of coffee plus more, heroing fresh ingredients and freshly ground coffee. Jack’s is also a licensed venue.

Marina Mirage, 74 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach

Open daily from 6.30am for coffee, breakfast from 7.30am until 5pm.

NOTE: Good Food Gold Coast dined as a guest of Jack’s Coffee Roasters.

Open daily from 6.30am for coffee, breakfast from 7.30am until 5pm.
Marina Mirage, 74 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia
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