A Feast of Seafood

With 52 kilometres of coastline and 860 km of sparkling waterways, the Gold Coast has access to an abundance of fresh seafood. Seafood forms an integral part of our dining culture. From Sunday night fish and chips to freshly cooked prawns straight off the trawlers, we can enjoy a casual meal of seafood at home […]

Kemuri’s Omakase Dinner series

Kemuri Kitchen has launched a series of omakase dinners held monthly in their Carrara restaurant and they are well worth seeking out. Well known for their excellent casual cuisine and knowledgeable wine service, owners Hiroyuki Okubo is a Master Sommelier, his wife Yuki a French-trained chef. The concept of ‘leaving it to the chef’ encapsulated […]


It’s always fascinating to find out the story behind a restaurant – how the owners came to be here, the concept they envisaged and how that translates into the restaurant’s menu and daily life. No journey is more interesting than that of Kemuri’s owners, Hiroyuki Okubo and his wife Yuki. After coming to Australia twenty […]

Mozzafiato at Elite Gold Coast

Writing about food is like a box of chocolates. You can reach into the box, but you’re never quite sure what flavour you’re going to get. Sometimes it’s not the one you feel like; it may even be downright disappointing. Sometimes it comes in the wrong wrapper. But for every meal that disappoints us, for […]


The back streets of Japanese cities are filled with tiny eateries, each specialising in different dishes. They’re the inspiration for travellers who have gone home to create their own version of Japanese culture with ramen and yakitori bars, sushi and teppanyaki restaurants, shabu-shabu and izakaya popping up around the world, the latter being one of […]

Kemuri’s Izakaya Omakase Evening

Tonight, Kemuri Japanese held the first of its Izakaya Omakase share menu of eight exceptional courses for a minimum of two people at $45pp. Wine, sake and beer can be purchased by the glass, or chosen by Sommelier Hiro (ex-Paper Daisy and Ten Japanese) to match the courses. The restaurant is decorated in izakaya style […]

Black Lime Café

While ‘Location, location, location’ is the big catch cry to success, there are some local favourites that have achieved modest success by going against the norm, choosing venues in hidden pockets of suburbia. There, they provide service to locals who previously had no food outlets nearby. That’s how it is with Black Lime Café. Tucked […]