What’s new for foodies in Ipswich

From heritage to adventure, from culture to country, there are lots of reasons to visit Ipswich. Ipswich is the starting point for many journeys, both around the city and to the countryside beyond. Whether you visit to follow your main interest in car racing, mountain bike riding, antiques shopping, camping, canoeing and adventuring, taking a […]

Marburg, the heart of a tiny town

There’s lots to love about tiny towns, and right on our doorstep is one of the best: Marburg. Recognised as one of Queensland’s Top Tiny Tourism Towns in 2022, Marburg, halfway between Ipswich and Toowoomba, is in many ways a microcosm of our history. Quintessentially Australian, its history tells a story of indigenous people who […]

The International Flavours of Ipswich

There’s never been a better time to explore our local region than the present. With restrictions lifting and the weather simply gorgeous, why not step out and enjoy Flavours of Ipswich, a food festival held from April 7-24, 2021. During this time, some of Ipswich’s favourite restaurants are offering fixed price lunches and dinners aimed […]

Ungermann Brothers

December 2019: Ungermann Brothers has opened at Marina Mirage! Ben Ungermann, 2017 MasterChef runner-up and renowned ‘King of Ice Cream’, together with his brother Danny, have brought their gourmet ice creamery to the seaside this summer with the exciting launch of Ungermann Brothers Gold Coast,their new flagship store. Opening just in time for the summer […]

Retro Refuel Stops, Ipswich and beyond

Ipswich is the home of all things vintage, retro and antique. It’s a finders’ heaven, as simple as following the Ipswich CRAVE trail to discover unique collectables to take home. Digging for treasure is tiring work, so we’ve mapped out some retro refuel stops along the way where you’ll find the sustenance to keep you […]

World flavours of Ipswich and Springfield

Australia is a land of immigrants, all of whom have put a bowl on the Australian dining table. The Greater Ipswich area is home to immigrants from many countries, each one bringing with them their national specialty dishes. We don’t need to travel to try the cuisine of other countries. It has come to us! […]

Hunger-Busting Burgers, Ipswich

Ipswich could well be the home of the burger in Queensland. As drovers pushed their mobs north from NSW and west into Queensland, they must have stopped along the way for dinner and a nap, allowing the cattle time to rest. There’d be no better meal that that already on hand, barbequed over an open […]

Healthy Start Breakfasts, Ipswich

Breakfast is the meal that helps us ‘break the fast’ of the previous night, giving our bodies fuel to make a healthy start to the day. We head for whole grains, lean protein, dairy, and fruit and vegetables. It’s food that gives us a low GI boost with plenty of nutrients; exactly what we’re looking […]

The Escape Room

An invitation to join a group for an escape room experience is well outside my usual activities. I have no illusions about being Cosentino, nor do I suffer from a fascination with being locked up. I was not only an ‘Escape Room Virgin’, but I was completely ‘in the dark’ about their purpose! Passing an […]

Six of the best Delectable Desserts, Ipswich

A dessert is the sweet end to any meal. No matter how full you are when the meal finishes, most of us can find that little bit of space, if only for a spoonful of dessert. Alternatively, dessert can be the mid-morning or mid-afternoon pickup, when we take time to pause from our busy lives […]