Dining With a View

With sparkling waterways, crystal white beaches and fringing mountains, the Gold Coast boasts magnificent views. Until recently, however, most ‘dining with a view’ took place at surf clubs overlooking our surf beaches decked out in red and yellow flags and lifesavers on patrol. Historically, several locations have shown off the splendour of the Gold Coast, […]

The Winey Cow moves north

When ‘Cafe of the Year’ award-winning Mornington restaurateurs set up shop on the Gold Coast, we’re really curious about what they will bring to our dining scene. And in the case of The Winey Cow, it’s a lot. For owners Cam Henderson and his wife Jill, their wine bar, founded in 2014, seemed an obvious […]

High Life on The Yot

There’s something special about being out on the water and viewing the Gold Coast from a different perspective. Whether you take guests out or your partner and friends, The Yot Club gives you a glimpse of a luxurious boating lifestyle at a fraction of the cost. You can cruise amongst super yachts, jetskis and the […]

A Feast of Seafood

With 52 kilometres of coastline and 860 km of sparkling waterways, the Gold Coast has access to an abundance of fresh seafood. Seafood forms an integral part of our dining culture. From Sunday night fish and chips to freshly cooked prawns straight off the trawlers, we can enjoy a casual meal of seafood at home […]

Ungermann Brothers

December 2019: Ungermann Brothers has opened at Marina Mirage! Ben Ungermann, 2017 MasterChef runner-up and renowned ‘King of Ice Cream’, together with his brother Danny, have brought their gourmet ice creamery to the seaside this summer with the exciting launch of Ungermann Brothers Gold Coast,their new flagship store. Opening just in time for the summer […]

The Cheese-Lover’s Guide to the Gold Coast and Surrounds

“Give me a good sharp knife and a good sharp cheese and I’m a happy man.” ― George R. R. Martin There are few foods as rich and satisfying as good cheese. Fortunately, the experience does not discriminate between diners. As M. F. K. Fisher noted, “Cheese has always been a food that both sophisticated […]

Mano’s Tedder Ave

‘Famous since 1996’ The restaurant industry is all about restaurateurs connecting with people. On that front, Mick Ellison is the master. The seemingly laidback restaurateur, who has run one of the most successful eateries in town for 13 years, stands in the front window of his restaurant surveying the street, answering questions from tourists and […]

Go Gelato, Summer is Coming!

As we move towards the end of spring, it’s time to greet summer with a smile. To us that means sunshine, beach, salads and gelato! We check out three gelato shops where you can indulge your sweet tooth knowing that you’re dining on the best the coast has to offer. Each one strives to make […]

Glass Dining & Lounge Bar

If there’s a position worth coveting, it’s that of Glass. You could embark from your luxury yacht anchored on the sparkling Broadwater just beyond the windows, or fly by helicopter to the helipad at the end of the jetty… so it seems as we dine at Glass Restaurant, overlooking the Gold Coast at play. In […]

Hot Shott

Gold Coast café culture has done well from the downward shift in fine dining culture. Hot Shott is no exception. An example is owners and business partners, Chef Kellie Rolfe and Barista Jenna Finch, who took the opportunity to move from their jobs at Palazzo Versace to open their own business in Main Beach in […]