Lose yourself in Tasmania’s Wild West

There are many tales to be told of Tasmania’s Wild West. Lose yourself in its stories of ancient peoples whose voices echo displacement and loss, stories of men who were determined to find a way or make a way, of rivers that refused to be tamed, a terrain that took no prisoners and a forest […]

Hobart, gateway to the wild

Hobart, the capital of Australia’s most southerly state, Tasmania, is a great destination. There are many reasons to visit Tasmania, Lonely Planet recently noted: “It’s a joint effort in Tassie – the home of the world’s first green political party – where local produce plays a starring role at restaurants, hotels are moving to ban […]

Huon, the valley of fresh

There’s a technique in stress relief that says that we should take our shoes off and feel the dirt beneath our feet. Reconnect with Mother Earth. Feel grounded again. That’s the feeling we get when we visit Tasmania, particularly the Huon Valley. Shaped like a forked divining rod, its two sides split by the Huon […]

Fresh traditions at Osteria @ Petty Sessions

Osteria at Petty Sessions is a great example of the food experiences available in Tasmania’s Huon Valley. Grounded in centuries old traditions, it sheds new light on the vibrant produce of local farmers and producers, making it the hero of each dish. Situated in the tiny village of Franklin beside the Huon River, Osteria gains […]

Make a stop in Tasmania’s Heartlands

When we travel, particularly when time is limited, we may be intent on travelling to a destination rather than experiencing the journey. The places along the way are ‘in between’ spots. We often don’t bother to stop, as we are going somewhere else. Unfortunately, when we focus more on destination than experience, we miss the […]

Two Paddocks to Plate

While Tasmania’s rugged beauty is one of the island state’s attractions for tourists, there’s no denying the pull of its cuisine. Tasmania, with its clean air, rich soil and abundant rainfall grows some of the best food in the world: fresh seafood, gourmet meat and fruit and vegetables packed with flavour. Tasmania is home to […]