Black Sheep Bistro

If there’s an unsung hero of the northern dining scene, it’s the Black Sheep Bistro. Located not far from the Oxenford turnoff, the Black Sheep is a local favourite, especially for its weekend breakfasts and lunches. To Australians, ‘black sheep’ carries the connotation of a stray, or disreputable family member. However, my New Zealand childhood […]


Tucked into one corner of the Maudsland Central Shopping Centre, it’s easy to see why this brunch spot is named ‘terrarium’. Glass windows compose two walls of the triangular-shaped café, looking out to Maudsland Road. Inside, the grey and white hues of the décor are livened up by green plants, hanging from the ceiling, in […]

The Wattle Hotel

A vision statement, total designer concept including furniture and styling, piped music… You may think we’re talking about a very expensive specialist medical centre or even a private school but no, welcome to The Wattle Hotel. Intrigued, we accepted the invitation to dine at The Wattle as guests. Recently purchased by the Redcape Property Group, […]

Black Sheep Bistro

NOTE: You will find a newer review of Black Sheep Bistro here. “Black Sheep Bistro pays homage to the underdog, bringing Nose-to-Tail dining to Oxenford.” It’s enough to get any foodie excitedly following the scent of a story – nose-to-tail dining. It’s one of the top trends for dining in other cities, so it’s exciting […]

Yatala Pies

Yatala Pies has been a landmark business in Queensland for around 130 years. Finally, in Queensland’s Q150 celebration of 2009, Yatala Pies was awarded the status of ‘Cultural Icon’ – one of the 15 locations that put our state on the map. Exit 38 of the Motorway is now especially signposted so that day trippers […]