Miss Moneypenny’s Gin Luncheon

If you think you’re riding the first wave of gin popularity, then think again. Gin has a centuries old history and at least as many stories as most other spirits.

We’ve gathered at Miss Moneypenny’s Broadbeach for a special Juniper June Gin Luncheon to learn a bit more about gin from Australia’s most awarded gin maker, Mike Enright. He’s the owner of The Barbershop in Sydney, a barbers shop slash gin bar that was named the World’s Best Gin Bar in 2020.

This is not the first wave of popularity for gin, Mike tells us. While juniper was used by monks throughout Europe to make medicinal compounds from as early as 70 AD, the Dutch were the first to steep juniper berries in malt wine to make genever (shortened by the English to ‘gin’), in the 16th century.

Vilified in the 18th century, gin’s chequered history took a turn for the better when distilling methods improved. The Gin Act of 1751 put bootleggers out of business, raising the price of gin and (by default) its quality.

Gin’s fortunes took a turn for the better when the British Royal Navy gave gin their seal of approval, mixing it with tonic and lime, the quinine used to fight off malaria in tropical climates. The gintonica was born and once more featured in the fashion stakes.

Today, Australia’s craft gin market is booming, garnishing interest from a general public eager to learn more about the history and flavours of drink. If anything, that interest is likely to increase with the Federal Government’s help from July this year, when craft distillers will be able to claim an excise refund up to an annual cap of $350,000.

Mike has chosen to show off four gin cocktails at the lunch, a Beefeater 24 Hour Gin and London Dry to start, with vibrant notes of orange and sencha, our next three cocktails paired with a three-course meal from Head Chef Adam Dundas-Taylor.

Juniper and gin 36-hour cured New Zealand Ora King Salmon is served with avocado wasabi mousse, pickled cucumber and coriander on a wasabi leaf, garnished with a sourdough caraway cracked. This exquisite dish is served with a Plymouth Gin Rogue Spritz laced with finger lime and elderflower, its fresh lemony tones cutting through the fatty salmon so nicely.

Our main features lamb in two ways with pomegranate glaze and peanut crumb, its seasoning of Davidson plum sour matching well with the Smoked rosemary and pomegranate sour made on Monkey 47 Dry Gin, named after the number of botanicals used to make this critically acclaimed complex gin.

Deconstructed lemon curd cheesecake with yuzu and miso marshmallow and condensed milk snow is elegantly paired with a Japanese Gimlet of Ki No Bi gin by Kyoto Distillery, its oriental tones a perfect match.

Miss Moneypenny’s Gin Luncheon was a lunch featuring exceptional food and stunning cocktails, just one of the special events scheduled on Miss Moneypenny’s calendar. Follow their socials to stay in touch.

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NOTE: GFGC dined as a guest of Miss Moneypenny’s.

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