Mumma’s Greek Cuisine

Mumma’s Greek Cuisine

“There is no greater love than the love of food,” George Bernard Shaw wrote.

Conversely, great food is often the result of great passion. At least that’s the way it is for the Mumma’s Greek Cuisine’s mother and daughter team. Their food is not only about a love affair between Cleo’s parents, who waited five years until they could be together, it’s about the love of a family for their Cypriot heritage.

Cleo’s mother moved to Australia with her parents a few years after the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus, her future husband emigrating five years later, leaving his family behind to join his high school sweetheart on the Gold Coast.

In a new country it was a new life, but also a culture shock bridging old and new, known and unknown. While her husband went out to work and started his own business, Cleo’s mum found her ‘happy place’ baking traditional Greek food for her family and always giving away extras to friends.

Now, forty years after coming to Australia, the mother and daughter team have decided that it’s time to launch a modest business: Mumma’s Greek Cuisine, to show off Greek food to the Gold Coast and Brisbane public.

“Food is one way we express love. It’s not just a business to us, it’s a way of life. When we have a birthday or celebration, everybody brings something to add to the party. Now, you can bring some traditional Greek food,” Cleo says.

Why not, when outsourcing is so affordable and tastes so good!

While not an event catering company, the pair offers delivery to any location for their range of authentic Greek sweets, biscuits and savouries, so families can supplement their own catering for events, celebrations and corporate functions. Even if you want to have a savoury for dinner or just a sweet or two to satisfy a craving, there’s no order too small.

From baklava and Greek almond shortbread to whole Cypriot orange cakes, savouries such as Halloumopita cheese pie and Spanakopita through to customised hamper packs as presents, there’s a whole range of delicious goodies to try out.

Mumma’s Greek Cuisine can also supply wholesale to businesses and local cafés.

“There’s no job too small or large for us,” Cleo tells me. “Mum is so generous with her products, from ingredients to portions. She loves cooking for people and seeks perfection in what she bakes. She puts a lot of love and passion into her cooking – it’s from her heart.”

Wine, food and art. The ancient Greeks used all three as a way of enhancing life. With love in the mix as well, the combination’s unbeatable!

Contact Mumma’s Greek Cuisine at Ph: 0452 398 885, Email: [email protected]

Menu, prices and other details are available on their Facebook site.
Credit: Some photos credited to Mumma’s Greek Cuisine.

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