Sustainable Seafood? Eat local

Sustainable Seafood? Eat local

Seafood is a favourite food on the Australian diet, so it’s encouraging to see better labelling in retail outlets, easier access to information about seafood sources, and far more Australian seafood available.

The industry tells us that Australia is moving closer to sustainable seafood as well.

“Want sustainable seafood? Ask for Aussie seafood”, says Seafood Industry Australia’s CEO, Jane Lovell. “Australia’s commercial fishing industry is one of the most sustainable in the world… It has been sourced sustainably due to the high level of regulation, reporting and monitoring that underpins our industry.”

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator Richard Colbeck, also says that independent information on the true sustainability of Australian seafood is now more accessible than ever.

“Australians can be confident that Australian seafood comes from well-managed, sustainable fisheries, which ensures that our fish stocks will be around for generations of seafood lovers,” ​Minister Colbeck said in a statement​.

“Australia’s fisheries management is world class and our fisheries are getting even healthier, with iconic species like Southern Bluefin Tuna recovering well and now sustainable to catch and eat.”

“For the fifth consecutive year ​Australia’s Commonwealth-managed fisheries have been given the tick of sustainability​,” Ms Lovell said. “This is something our commercial fishers are very proud of, and it’s unprecedented internationally, while ​the footprint of Australia’s trawlers is one of the smallest in the world​. Coupled with our aquaculture sector – who provide fresh, high-quality seafood, year-round – Australian seafood is one of the best managed and most sustainable protein sources in the world.”

“We all know Aussies love to eat Aussie seafood and if you want to be certain you’re eating sustainable, healthy, world-class seafood that’s good for you and good for the planet, always ask for Aussie seafood.”

We can access a free, easy-to-use app of the Status of Australian Fish Stocks Reports called ‘SAFS – Sustainable Fish Stocks’, giving us access to true, correct and authoritative information on the sustainability of Australian fish stocks.

“As an industry, we ask Australians to support their Aussies fishers and ask for Aussie seafood whether it’s at their fishmonger, fish and chip shop, or the local Thai restaurant. As fishers, our priority is the ocean. We advocate the health, sustainability and future of our ocean. It’s our livelihood and the future livelihood of generations to come.”

NOTE: Marinara from Osteria Del Mare, Burleigh; Whole local snapper from Jaisungma, Southport.