Rick Shores

Rick Shores brings a warm tropical breeze to Gold Coast dining. Opened by the owners of LONgTIME, Brisbane, Rick Shores occupies one of the most revered spots on the coast, the ground floor level of the iconic Burleigh Pavilions, seaside dining at its best. Today, the sea is calm. We enter the restaurant down the […]

Lucky Bao

They say that the mark of great food is whether you remember when, where and who you were with when you ate it… Even the smell and sensation of texture can linger on… That’s not all I remember. Memories of my bao epiphany featured groans punctuated by exclamation: “Bloody hell! That’s the best damn bun […]

Quan 55 & Bar

If you visit Quan 55 in search of a traditional Vietnamese restaurant, you might just be disappointed. Quan 55 is all that and more. Wynn Huynh, who owns Quan 55 with her husband Thanh Tram, is the first to tell us that she has never felt confined by expectations. So, you should expect the unexpected! […]

Ramen Danbo

If you thought that ramen was just a version of two-minute noodles, how wrong you are! There’s instant ramen (or two-minute-noodles) and then there’s ramen, a revered cultural dish. Hard to fathom, we know, so as we face the cultural divide, it’s best to talk to an expert. We catch up with Andrew Hosaka-Zaniewski, to […]

The Collective

Every so often something radically different comes along in the dining scene – an idea that, while generated from elsewhere, is given new life in our present-day culinary context. The Collective at Palm Beach is just that. A restaurant version of a food market, The Collective is a family business blending the complementary skills of […]

Hideaway Kitchen & Bar

Hidden away behind a rather bland concrete-rendered façade, Hideaway Kitchen & Bar is the latest addition to the Gold Coast’s Asian street food scene. It’s the dark backstreets of Asia that co-owner Scott Imlach visits in his latest restaurant; those shady alleys with overhanging awnings and neon sign lit dodgy bars, with hawker food carts […]

Jimmy Wah’s

“Good morning, Vietnam!” Jimmy Wah’s brings a huge smile to our face. Not only is it a sideways nod to the local GI bar in the 1987 movie Good Morning, Vietnam, but its combination of talented owners – Jake Cooley, highly regarded former head chef of Social Eating House + Bar and Shelly Greaves, former […]

Mamasan Kitchen & Bar

‘Authenticity’ can be an over-rated ideal. There are times when it’s a good idea to shake up time-worn dishes with a healthy dose of innovation. After all, being an ‘authentic’ dish embodies not only a sense of place, but also a time and social context which cannot be replicated. As diners, if it’s flavour and […]

Can Tho Kitchen & Bar

“Memories framed on the wall last a lifetime in our hearts.” I’m really interested in the concept of others being ‘observers’ of our lives. Our close friends and family, who have known us for a long time, understand the hurdles we’ve vaulted or staggered over. They do not judge us at face value, but know […]

Hakataya Ramen

How can a restaurant survive with only six items on the menu? Yet Hakataya’s trade is the envy of many other local establishments. Open for 14 hours a day every day, Hakataya’s on every blogger’s list of ‘must do’ places, and highly recommended as the ultimate cheap and cheerful by travellers. Don’t expect somewhere grand, […]