Le Café Gourmand

A display of brightly coloured chairs on the Cronulla corner of the highway in Mermaid Beach marks a little French café / restaurant! The bright attitude is obvious. “Here I am!” the chairs exclaim: Le Café Gourmand! One of our fondest memories of France is wandering through little country villages, ‘discovering’ a café to enjoy […]

Pastries are Moonsun’s specialty

This is the story of two fine pastry chefs. They come from different sides of the world, one from Korea, the other from the Gold Coast, but they share a common passion: they aim to reach perfection in their work, baking some of the most perfect pastries we’ve seen. From a family of bakers, Moonsun […]

5B2F Bakehouse

We may not see it when we walk in the door, but some Gold Coast business owners come from rather surprising backgrounds, facing tough cultural challenges along the way. That’s the case for Moonsun Yoo, owner of 5B2F Bakehouse. From South Korea, Moonsun grew up in a family of bakers. He was always cooking in […]

The Pastry Emporium

Adrian Grazioli always had a dream of opening his own patisserie. After training at Brunetti’s in Melbourne, Adrian moved back to the coast, working for different cake shops before opening his own premises, ironically in the same block as the restaurant his parents founded: Riviera. Hidden away in a tiny suburban shopping centre in Sorrento, […]

Brasserie Bread

Bread is the most widely consumed food on earth whose very name itself denotes staple nourishment. Yet it is one of the foods that we have the least knowledge about, let alone where its ingredients come from. ‘Provenance’ – knowing exactly where food ingredients come from – has not been a concern of commercial bread […]

Greenwood Farm

“When you work hard for something you don’t like, that’s called stress. When you work hard for something you enjoy, that’s passion,” Greenwood Farm’s co-owner Paul Fullwood tells us, laughing. After taking a five-minute trip out of suburbia, we’re discussing the concept of work vs passion with husband and wife team Angi and Paul Fullwood […]

Bam Bam Bakehouse

Despite the reference in its name, there’s nothing ‘Stone Age’ about Bam Bam Bakehouse. Nor anything so deep; it’s just the childhood chant of owners Ursula and Ben Watts’ young son. Cute? Yes. Symbolic? Yes. In more ways than one, Bam Bam Bakehouse marks the ‘coming of age’ of The Paddock Bakery crew, who have […]

Carrara Markets – discovering our backyard

It was time to discover our forgotten backyard, to venture out to a place we’d neglected for years due to the Goldie’s flourishing farmers’ market scene…Carrara Markets. A haven of the fabulous and flimsy, the terrific and the tacky, you’d be forgiven for mistaking Carrara for an Asian market, albeit without dog meat and durian! […]

Le Café Gourmand Dinner

Popup dinners have proved to be an exciting addition to the Gold Coast dining scene. Some may be ‘one off’ events ‘guerrilla’ style with the location held as a closely guarded secret, such as those that were held by Goldtoast Supper Club, Lola & the Chef, and Fingers & Bones. But there’s another type of […]

Herman Brot Low Carb Bread

I love bread. Full stop. In fact, very often, given a choice of cake or a piece of fresh bread with butter and vegemite or peanut butter, I’d choose the bread. I just love savoury. As I’ve grown older, however, I’ve come to realise that those fluffy white bread cucumber and cress sandwiches are not […]