Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid is a haven for the Mermaid Beach ‘coastal community with a village feel’. It’s a home away from home for many, a place to hang out with friends, and a venue with the vibes they love. “This venue has been created with one clear vision,” Little Mermaid’s website states, “to foster friendships, generate […]

Moo Moo The Wine Bar + Grill

Moo Moo’s has long been a dining destination for meat lovers. It’s our most celebrated ‘steakhouse’ with plenty of choice for steak-lovers and something for everyone. There are traditional steakhouses, and then there are restaurants that specialize in premium steak. Moo Moo’s falls very much into the latter category; nothing traditional about it except for […]

Currumbin RSL Unveils Dining Precinct

“…there is no greater exercise for the heart than reaching down and helping someone up.” Ron Workman, Currumbin RSL Chairman There’s a lot to love about Currumbin RSL. Founded in 1947, soon after World War II ended. Overlooking the creek, it faces north to the Gold Coast, a strong sign that after the war was […]

Mano’s Tedder Ave

‘Famous since 1996’ The restaurant industry is all about restaurateurs connecting with people. On that front, Mick Ellison is the master. The seemingly laidback restaurateur, who has run one of the most successful eateries in town for 13 years, stands in the front window of his restaurant surveying the street, answering questions from tourists and […]

Clifford’s Grill & Lounge, voco Gold Coast

“This town is steeped in a rich tapestry of colourful history.” The Gold Coast is not only built on a colourful past, it must grow to a brilliant future. A former holiday ground for the Kombumerri people, since the 1860s the Gold Coast has been a place of big personalities. They were people who boldly […]

The Wine Barrel

Coast dwellers now have a new reason to cross the highway, as The Wine Barrel opens its doors for breakfast. Besides our love of ‘the village’, The Wine Barrel holds a special place in our hearts. Nothing about it has been ordinary from the start, nor is it now. Their new breakfast menu is a […]

Yamagen’s Friday Lunch by Asahi

Yamagen’s ‘Friday Lunch by Asahi’ is an introduction to delight; a finely nuanced mini-degustation of the best of the best. I’m a huge fan of the long lunch. There’s no better start to the weekend than the Friday afternoon ‘flex’. As you leave work early to slip away for a sneaky lunch, there’s a hint […]

Lucky Bao

They say that the mark of great food is whether you remember when, where and who you were with when you ate it… Even the smell and sensation of texture can linger on… That’s not all I remember. Memories of my bao epiphany featured groans punctuated by exclamation: “Bloody hell! That’s the best damn bun […]

Frigg Café

The pizza arrives, a steaming plateful of cheesy topping dripping over the edges of the crust onto the giant-sized plate. It’s huge, far too big for my appetite, and this is only one slice of pizza! It’s lunchtime in Disneyland, the place ‘where all your dreams come true.’ Someone’s dreams, perhaps, but some of my […]

La Barrita

“How come we’ve never been here before?” We shake our heads as we walk away from La Barrita, impressed. Nestled in between Fins and Bombay Cricketers Club in Salt Village, La Barrita opened in December 2017, slipping quietly onto the tail end of the ‘Mexican wave’ of coastal openings. While the opening of some restaurants […]