Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium

Get on your ‘little Japanese dumplings of happy’ and get down to Harajuku Gyoza in the Broadbeach Mall. If the combination of beer and gyoza is not enough to put you into a spin, add the zany elements of ‘Harajuku’ and you’ll be doubly happy! The largest of seven outlets of the phenomenally successful chain […]

A Tasmanian Getaway

A trip to Tasmania is the essential compact island journey. It’s the ‘island of everything’ with all the elements of a great holiday plus an escape from the summer heat. Founded by force, for many of its settlers Tasmania has been a place of new beginnings. For us, inexpensive airfares proved to be an irresistible […]

Dovetails at The Pumpyard Brewery

Ipswich, the ‘grande dame’ of Queensland, is being reborn, her stately buildings and houses undergoing rejuvenation as the city takes on new life. There are lots of attractions in Ipswich if you take time to look: road and rail events, heritage walks, funky cafés and a load of owner-operated niche interest, vintage and gift shops. […]

A Weekend in Ipswich

The ‘grande dame’ of Queensland country towns, Ipswich may not immediately spring to mind as a holiday destination. Yet there’s lots to discover here in our own backyard, a fascinating history which unfolds before our eyes, a laid back lifestyle away from the bustle of city streets and people who will greet you in passing […]

Burleigh Brewing 2.0

Burleigh Brewing began as a love story, when in 2002 Peta Fielding persuaded her American-born master brewer husband Brennan to leave Hawaii and return to her homeland of Australia. After working for local breweries for four years, it was time to found their own brewery in Burleigh Heads in 2006. Ten years on, Peta Fielding, […]

Pickled Pig Brewery

I glance at the business card in my hand. Paul Brewer. Pickled Pig Brewery. I don’t know what’s more implausible – a brewer named Paul Brewer, or the whimsical name ‘Pickled Pig’. Is this for real? Absolutely! In fact it’s one of our few local craft breweries, located in Tweed Heads, making chemical-free, preservative-free ‘no […]

Aardvark and Arrow Brewery

How do you like your beer? Preservative, additive and chemical free, hangover-proofed, sparklingly clear, locally made, brewed just the way you like it? We found such a beer in a boutique Burleigh restaurant, so we went looking for its source: Aardvark and Arrow Brewery in Varsity, our own Gold Coast owned and operated microbrewery! If […]