You know how it is… you’ve tried to choose a healthy meal, only to find you’re half starving at the end of it. Perhaps you’d decided on a couple of share plates and drawn the shortest straw, or maybe that plate of sashimi cost $28 for five pieces of fish? Then you weren’t at Wazen. […]

Aardvark and Arrow Brewery

How do you like your beer? Preservative, additive and chemical free, hangover-proofed, sparklingly clear, locally made, brewed just the way you like it? We found such a beer in a boutique Burleigh restaurant, so we went looking for its source: Aardvark and Arrow Brewery in Varsity, our own Gold Coast owned and operated microbrewery! If […]

CocoLuscious Ice cream

CocoLuscious. The name says it all. Coconut milk based, this fully organic dairy-free ice cream is simply luscious! It’s the ice cream of choice of some of our top Queensland chefs, the accompaniment to fine desserts, but we prefer it on its own – its raw natural goodness a rich delicious treat. The story of […]

The Woodbox Café

I walked into the Woodbox Café at West Burleigh and felt right at home. There’s that spacious ‘earth mother’ vibe going on which is rare on the Gold Coast: that of a large open country kitchen, where the bread is freshly baked, the heady aroma of coffee wafts through the room, produce picked in the […]