La Cha Cha Cabana

It was the smile that first got us in. The young couple gave customers such a warm welcome that of course we had to buy their food, even though it looked different: arepas, the crunchy pocket bread stuffed with filling that’s the most common food of Venezuela and Colombia. We tried arepas and loved them […]

Caffe Republic, Bundall

For the first time in several years, the crunch is on for eateries with almost as many restaurants closing as opening.  In 2018, cafés and restaurants are facing stiff competition for the food dollar. Prepared foods from grocery and convenience stores and meal delivery services continue to attract busy consumers who seek convenience over experience. […]

Goodness Gracias

UPDATE November 2018: Goodness Gracias has new owners. There were times over the last few years when I thought we might have got drowned in the ‘Mexican wave’, carried away on a tidal wave of sloppy burritos, corn chips (or worse still, fries) smothered in cheesy sauce and refried beans with a dash of chilli. […]

Goji Granola Bar & Café

Dreams sometimes come true. At least that’s the case for husband and wife team Monica Tjong and Gabriele Pirotta. The pair had always dreamed that one day they might own a little café in the ‘burbs. Gabriele, a chef in Italy before he emigrated to Australia about seven years ago, waited for his residency before […]


Let’s face it: many of us are on a semi-permanent diet. Clean eating, paleo, cleansing, low carb… these terms have reached cult status on the Goldie, even if we are all a little confused about the nutritional breakdown of what we’re eating. We all know to eat lots of green vegetables but outside that, things […]

CocoLuscious Ice cream

CocoLuscious. The name says it all. Coconut milk based, this fully organic dairy-free ice cream is simply luscious! It’s the ice cream of choice of some of our top Queensland chefs, the accompaniment to fine desserts, but we prefer it on its own – its raw natural goodness a rich delicious treat. The story of […]