UPDATE 2019: How far this cafe has come since it opened! The menu of raw cakes is now only one part of a complete plant-based a la carte menu. My generous serve of Corn fritters is served on a bed of spinach, layered with tomato relish and a tasty avocado salsa finished with balsamic glaze […]

La Barrita

“How come we’ve never been here before?” We shake our heads as we walk away from La Barrita, impressed. Nestled in between Fins and Bombay Cricketers Club in Salt Village, La Barrita opened in December 2017, slipping quietly onto the tail end of the ‘Mexican wave’ of coastal openings. While the opening of some restaurants […]

Market Roundup

The Gold Coast offers a wide variety of markets that are guaranteed to please. Gold Coast markets offer residents the chance to purchase food directly from farmers and producers, to experience our growing arts culture, and to spend social time with family and friends. “Besides produce, farmers’ and producers’ markets allow families to buy from […]

Social Brew

NOTE: The Richards family sold Social Brew early in 2017. “Everything the Richards family touches works really well,” a friend once confided. From what we’ve seen it’s certainly true. We’ve followed the Richards family (a family team of parents and three adult children) in awe as they opened and operated a string of successful ventures: […]


Let’s face it: many of us are on a semi-permanent diet. Clean eating, paleo, cleansing, low carb… these terms have reached cult status on the Goldie, even if we are all a little confused about the nutritional breakdown of what we’re eating. We all know to eat lots of green vegetables but outside that, things […]

Herman Brot Low Carb Bread

I love bread. Full stop. In fact, very often, given a choice of cake or a piece of fresh bread with butter and vegemite or peanut butter, I’d choose the bread. I just love savoury. As I’ve grown older, however, I’ve come to realise that those fluffy white bread cucumber and cress sandwiches are not […]

The Source Bulk Foods

OK. I’ll admit it. I’m a fan of ‘clean and neat’. A clean freak, even! Somewhere in my handbag, there’s a little plastic bottle of hand disinfectant, alongside the tiny torch. Girl scout! And if you say to me just as I’m finishing a meal, ‘But did you see the kitchen?’ with one of those […]