Caffe Republic, Bundall

For the first time in several years, the crunch is on for eateries with almost as many restaurants closing as opening.  In 2018, cafés and restaurants are facing stiff competition for the food dollar. Prepared foods from grocery and convenience stores and meal delivery services continue to attract busy consumers who seek convenience over experience. […]


Let’s face it: many of us are on a semi-permanent diet. Clean eating, paleo, cleansing, low carb… these terms have reached cult status on the Goldie, even if we are all a little confused about the nutritional breakdown of what we’re eating. We all know to eat lots of green vegetables but outside that, things […]

The Source Bulk Foods

OK. I’ll admit it. I’m a fan of ‘clean and neat’. A clean freak, even! Somewhere in my handbag, there’s a little plastic bottle of hand disinfectant, alongside the tiny torch. Girl scout! And if you say to me just as I’m finishing a meal, ‘But did you see the kitchen?’ with one of those […]

Chef Profile – Peter Dufty, Caffe Republic

‘Paleo Pinup.’ Peter Dufty would be really uncomfortable with that tag, but there’s an element of truth in it. From Versace to raw (and we’re not talking clothing), Pete’s one of Gold Coast food’s quiet achievers – a classically trained ‘master chef’ who has jumped the culinary fence from haute cuisine to healthy eating, leaving […]