Grobnik Fine Foods

It’s Jamie Oliver’s fault. I lift my nose in the air when it comes to sausages. I don’t do ‘bits’, and unless I know who made those sausages and what’s in them, I just won’t eat them. Enter Grobnik. My sausage heaven! We’ve bought Josip Marsanic’s sausages at the farmers’ markets long before we visited […]

First Fruits Coffee Café & Roastery

It’s been almost two years since Daniel Smith set up First Fruits Coffee with a business partner in a tiny space in Ashmore. Visiting the Cotlew Street alleyway shopfront where they not only roasted beans but also sold coffee, space was at a premium. Sitting on coffee bags was almost an option! From the level […]

Two Wise Fish

After spending a lot of fruitless time fishing, I’m of the opinion that there are more than two wise fish in the ocean. Experience tells me that there are lots of fish who were canny enough to snatch bait from my line without being caught. From our past fish shop experiences on the Gold Coast, […]

Mumma’s Greek Cuisine

“There is no greater love than the love of food,” George Bernard Shaw wrote. Conversely, great food is often the result of great passion. At least that’s the way it is for the Mumma’s Greek Cuisine’s mother and daughter team. Their food is not only about a love affair between Cleo’s parents, who waited five […]

A Tasmanian Getaway

A trip to Tasmania is the essential compact island journey. It’s the ‘island of everything’ with all the elements of a great holiday plus an escape from the summer heat. Founded by force, for many of its settlers Tasmania has been a place of new beginnings. For us, inexpensive airfares proved to be an irresistible […]

Brasserie Bread

Bread is the most widely consumed food on earth whose very name itself denotes staple nourishment. Yet it is one of the foods that we have the least knowledge about, let alone where its ingredients come from. ‘Provenance’ – knowing exactly where food ingredients come from – has not been a concern of commercial bread […]

Greenwood Farm

“When you work hard for something you don’t like, that’s called stress. When you work hard for something you enjoy, that’s passion,” Greenwood Farm’s co-owner Paul Fullwood tells us, laughing. After taking a five-minute trip out of suburbia, we’re discussing the concept of work vs passion with husband and wife team Angi and Paul Fullwood […]

Icon The Cookery School

Cooking can be a very social, fun activity, building communication and cooperation. Like any creative pursuit where you learn new skills, cooking classes can lead to new friendships. They even make great date territory. What better way is there to find a person who loves great food and is willing to do something for others […]

Gotzinger Smallgoods

It’s one of our favourite winter weekend breakfasts: Spanish chorizo with garlic, spinach, chargrilled capsicum and tomato served on a piece of sourdough toast. Filling, nourishing and delicious, it’s easy to prepare, especially with a few shortcuts! Chorizo sausages freeze well in the packet, and most other ingredients come from the pantry or garden, so […]

First Fruits Specialty Coffee

Sometimes location isn’t the most important factor in success. It’s the quality of product which draws customers, along with the passion of the producer. Daniel Smith, the co-owner of First Fruits Coffee, became fascinated by coffee while in the army’s infantry. After injuring his back, he moved into the battalion’s café and was fascinated by […]