Ramen Danbo

If you thought that ramen was just a version of two-minute noodles, how wrong you are! There’s instant ramen (or two-minute-noodles) and then there’s ramen, a revered cultural dish. Hard to fathom, we know, so as we face the cultural divide, it’s best to talk to an expert. We catch up with Andrew Hosaka-Zaniewski, to […]

Hakataya Ramen

How can a restaurant survive with only six items on the menu? Yet Hakataya’s trade is the envy of many other local establishments. Open for 14 hours a day every day, Hakataya’s on every blogger’s list of ‘must do’ places, and highly recommended as the ultimate cheap and cheerful by travellers. Don’t expect somewhere grand, […]

Muso Ramen Noodle and Gyoza Bar

2018: Since achieving cult status, Muso has expanded. We look forward to another visit. My friends are fully aware of my love affair with gyoza. It almost reaches the height of oysters on my food radar, so when I hear about a new gyoza bar in Mermaid, the antenna are waving. Full steam ahead! Muso […]

Top Noodle Japanese

Top Noodle’s quite a surprising package. Although it’s in a prime position directly opposite the beach, at first glance it’s an underwhelming generic laminex-tabled eatery squeezed into a corner beside a shopping centre entrance. It undersells itself too in its presentation, with menu items pasted on the walls and an odd assemblage of crates, containers, […]