Thai on the Hill

Thai on the Hill is one of those unassuming little local restaurants that serves up fresh and tasty food at the right price. Achieving fame through its former owner/chef Piti Chitchamnonk (now at See Thai under the Meriton in Southport) , Thai on the Hill is now run by his brother, who is also well […]

La Cha Cha Cabana

It was the smile that first got us in. The young couple gave customers such a warm welcome that of course we had to buy their food, even though it looked different: arepas, the crunchy pocket bread stuffed with filling that’s the most common food of Venezuela and Colombia. We tried arepas and loved them […]

Euphoria Espresso Café

It’s a pleasant surprise when you don’t expect too much from a corner coffee shop and then find out that all the food’s made by the chef in the oven you can see, that the coffee’s great and the service friendly and attentive. Euphoria Espresso Café is a rare watering hole in the urban jungle […]

Dim Sum Delights, Robina

Tucked away from the busy coastal precincts in a small suburban shopping centre, Yum Cha Delights is one of the Gold Coast’s favourite yum cha restaurants. Opened early in 2011 by the Lei family, its ‘all-day yum cha’ menu is loved by locals, many of whom the owners know by name. Its convenience, good food […]

Krish Indian

“I’ve been told that this place has positive energies and a good aura,” Devi tells me. I look around at the two huge mandalas painted on the mirror-tiled back wall of the restaurant, a bronze goddess resting on a pedestal beside me, the accent colours vibrant and rich. I could use some ‘good energy’ right […]

Taboon, Robina

I’ve never been to the Middle East, but as we sit in Taboon feasting on its fresh salads and smoky grilled meats, I gain a little glimpse of its culture. Since its opening ten years ago, Taboon at Robina has established a reputation for fresh, vibrant modern Middle Eastern cuisine. Consistency has been the key […]

Tuk Tuk Thai

You know how it is. You’re hungering for those clean fresh flavours of Thai food – something with a bit of a hit, but not too bad for you; flavours that linger on your tongue rather than fatty fried food for a change. Tucked into the corner of Easy T Centre in Robina is a […]

An interview with George Calombaris

NOTE April 2018: Jimmy Grants at The Kitchens has closed. George Calombaris is one of the most highly regarded culinary figures in Australia. A judge on MasterChef, he owns several restaurants in Melbourne, including the highly regarded Press Club. We caught up with him while he was on the Gold Coast to visit his souvlaki […]

Icon The Cookery School

Cooking can be a very social, fun activity, building communication and cooperation. Like any creative pursuit where you learn new skills, cooking classes can lead to new friendships. They even make great date territory. What better way is there to find a person who loves great food and is willing to do something for others […]

Max Brenner

When a certain family member comes home from up north, there’s always a ‘hit list’ of where we’ll eat, the must have dishes which have been sorely missed since the last visit, his own special culinary GC ‘bucket list’. Invariably, the bald guy is on the list: Max Brenner’s. It can be late at night […]