Budapest. What’s not to love?

In a travelscape of flashy beach and slick city destinations, too often Budapest escapes notice, much like the child who slips sideways, unnoticed, across the edge of our peripheral vision. Yet when we turn our attention to it, we find Hungary and its people fascinating, intelligent and complex. It’s a land abundant in culture and […]

5 Reasons to do a Devour Food Tour in Spain

You’ve arrived in a new country for a week’s holiday. Where do you start? For us, an award-winning Devour Barcelona tour provides the perfect way to orientate ourselves, to discover the hidden gems of a country, its history and local secrets. Nothing brings people together like sharing a meal, drinks and some fun! We soon […]

A Tasmanian Getaway

A trip to Tasmania is the essential compact island journey. It’s the ‘island of everything’ with all the elements of a great holiday plus an escape from the summer heat. Founded by force, for many of its settlers Tasmania has been a place of new beginnings. For us, inexpensive airfares proved to be an irresistible […]

Hawaiian Food Tour

“Aloha. Have a seat.” It’s one of our first interactions with a Hawaiian local, and one of the most typical. Aloha means love, kindness, unity and patience…a philosophy of going gently and living in joy every day. Hawaiians are some of the friendliest people in the world, renowned for their welcome and their love of […]

Pacific Dawn Food & Wine Cruise

  A 3-day ‘Food & Wine’ cruise on the Pacific Dawn sounds like the ultimate getaway: a chance to enjoy an indulgent weekend, all laid on with a minimum of fuss – no passport, no long plane flight, lots of dining choice, faultless service, and time away from business phone calls and electronic media. What […]

Beenleigh Rum

There are some tours in our own backyard which we shouldn’t leave to the tourists, and Beenleigh Rum sure is one of those. We’re a nation built using rum as the currency. Don’t bother going further afield; we’ve got liquid gold right here on our doorstep! Opened in 1884, Beenleigh Rum Distillery is Australia’s original […]

Burleigh Brewing 2.0

Burleigh Brewing began as a love story, when in 2002 Peta Fielding persuaded her American-born master brewer husband Brennan to leave Hawaii and return to her homeland of Australia. After working for local breweries for four years, it was time to found their own brewery in Burleigh Heads in 2006. Ten years on, Peta Fielding, […]


It may be known as the ‘coolest little capital in the world’, but to me Wellington holds other memories: strong winds and wet days, wild weather and a ship founded on rocks. Wellington was the venue for our annual shopping trip, endured for the promise of a bag of hot chips, their crisp deliciousness warming […]

Aardvark and Arrow Brewery

How do you like your beer? Preservative, additive and chemical free, hangover-proofed, sparklingly clear, locally made, brewed just the way you like it? We found such a beer in a boutique Burleigh restaurant, so we went looking for its source: Aardvark and Arrow Brewery in Varsity, our own Gold Coast owned and operated microbrewery! If […]