UPDATE 2019: How far this cafe has come since it opened! The menu of raw cakes is now only one part of a complete plant-based a la carte menu. My generous serve of Corn fritters is served on a bed of spinach, layered with tomato relish and a tasty avocado salsa finished with balsamic glaze […]

A Weekend in Ipswich

The ‘grande dame’ of Queensland country towns, Ipswich may not immediately spring to mind as a holiday destination. Yet there’s lots to discover here in our own backyard, a fascinating history which unfolds before our eyes, a laid back lifestyle away from the bustle of city streets and people who will greet you in passing […]

BSKT Café, Mermaid Beach

When Titans Greg Bird, Nate Myles, Sel Berdie and Mat Rogers decided to open a restaurant with their friends, we were interested to check out the food of superheroes! Hype aside, BSKT is a simple concept: a dual function holistic café integrated with a yoga/pilates centre upstairs; a venue flooded with sunlight holding the best […]

Cadence Cafe

You never know what you’ll come across when you get away from the big smoke. Everyone is pretty familiar with the talent showing up on the coastal strip, particularly on the south end, but head out into the ‘burbs towards the highway, and even beyond, and there’s some damned great eating to be had. We’d […]

Social Brew

NOTE: The Richards family sold Social Brew early in 2017. “Everything the Richards family touches works really well,” a friend once confided. From what we’ve seen it’s certainly true. We’ve followed the Richards family (a family team of parents and three adult children) in awe as they opened and operated a string of successful ventures: […]

The Salt Mill

Walk up from the beach at Currumbin, and you can talk surf with Johnny Gillett, who owns The Salt Mill with his wife Sarah. Perfect as their first café, it’s a little ‘cute as a button’ nook put together using the couple’s combined skills. Rough-hewn bench seats, fruit cartons and a wine barrel tell us […]

The Source Bulk Foods

OK. I’ll admit it. I’m a fan of ‘clean and neat’. A clean freak, even! Somewhere in my handbag, there’s a little plastic bottle of hand disinfectant, alongside the tiny torch. Girl scout! And if you say to me just as I’m finishing a meal, ‘But did you see the kitchen?’ with one of those […]