Having been vegetarian for the first two thirds of my life, I’m very interested in vego food and the trends within it. For health and environmental reasons, I’m all for plant-based eating (vs meat-free eating). Yes, there’s a difference! So, I jumped at a chance to try the Beyond Burger, a juicy protein-packed patty that’s soy, gluten, GMO and cholesterol free and famously backed by celebs such as Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Vegetarians and vegans may choose their lifestyle for animal welfare (amongst other reasons), however many of them miss the taste of meat (and dairy, in the case of vegans). It’s a key reason why there’s an effort in the industry to create plant-based products which are named after meat, are meat-like in texture and even taste.

So, how does ‘The Beyond Burger’ by Beyond Meat stack up?

TEXTURE: Raw and even cooked, it’s similar to a beef patty. The patty was juicy, yet it held together well during cooking. Pictured below, you’ll find last night’s dinner, cooked in a pan 3 minutes per side according to the packet instructions.

TASTE: There’s a mild pleasant beefy taste, with a slight odour of legumes from the pea content. We put some strong-tasting accompaniments in the burger to balance flavour: beetroot, goat’s cheese, salad and tomato sauce, though the patty would suit aioli or caramelised onion just as well.

NUTRITION: There’s 22g of fat in each patty, similar to a beef patty, due to the canola and coconut oil present, and 20g of protein. Yes, the patty is plant-based but, following market trends demanding convenience products, there’s a fair bit of science and processing undertaken to make it meat-like.

COSTS: $16.95 for two patties. Made in the US, food miles count, adding to the cost (approximately double that charged in the US). This cost would be passed on by a restaurant. Packaging is recycled and recyclable.

AVAILABILITY: Coles and IGA Supermarkets and Ribs & Burgers restaurants.

SUMMARY: This is the most ‘meat-like’ commercial product we’ve tasted. Unless fore-warned, it could pass as meat in a burger with ‘the lot’. We would buy this product again to serve to vegetarian and vegan members of our family. It’s also a great vego alternative for restaurants who want a simple solution for catering to vegetarians and vegans, especially as the product can be stored frozen.

NOTE: This is a sponsored post, however the views expressed are those of the author.