The Gold Coast as a dining destination

The Gold Coast as a dining destination

We’re crazy about good food, and it seems we’re not alone. Food is the top factor in our selection of a holiday destination, with 84% of Australians citing dining options as factors in their choice of possible destinations. 59% have ‘flown for food’ within the past five years. (Open Table, July 2017)

With dining venues opening across the Gold Coast in record numbers, the city is a foodie’s paradise, unrivaled in its constantly evolving offerings.

There’s been a growing maturity in Gold Coast restaurants over the past seven years, with change led by a core of restaurateurs. Their restaurants have acted as ‘talent hives’, up-skilling staff to the level where they can start their own establishments, spawning new growth.

The ‘can do’ climate in the Gold Coast food scene is very attractive to investors. Our lifestyle is relaxed, dining hubs are accessible, and there’s a wide diversity of venues. Not only is the entry cost to café ownership lower here than in capital cities, but the Coast’s forecast population and employment growth make investment good value for money.

Gold Coast eateries are fast developing our own unique style showing off our abundant produce. There’s a different vibe on the coast to the feel of capital cities; a freedom to find our own model of eatery unconstrained by the conventions of what a cafe/restaurant should be; one that reflects our desired lifestyle. We not only ‘live the life’, we also flaunt it: better work/life balance with less travel time to work, less formality and more casual dress, and closer proximity to venues and facilities.

Vibrant and exciting, it’s a young food scene, brimming with activity. We love to celebrate with our friends outdoors in casual beach-styled eateries, catching up with family or friends for brunch, grabbing a quick lunch on the way to the beach, basking in the sun for a Sunday session on the lawn, or meeting up for drinks or dinner with friends or a date. This is Gold Coast style.

How would you define Gold Coast style? Which restaurant do you think is a great showcase for Gold Coast dining?


NOTE: This article was published in The Sun on 15 November 2017.