“Food is how we define ourselves.

All cultural identity is closely bound up with food and cooking.

After language, food is the most important bearer of national identity.”

Boasting some of the best beaches in the world, great surf and tourist attractions, the Gold Coast is increasingly becoming known as a vibrant food destination with relaxed cafés, great coffee and interesting food. From casual eateries where you dine outdoors under beach umbrellas to sophisticated five star restaurants, the Gold Coast dining scene holds something for everyone.

Good Food Gold Coast aims to tell you about fabulous food experiences, venues and suppliers on the Gold Coast, recounting stories of those behind the scenes, sharing the generosity of spirit and passion that characterise so many people in the food industry.

Begun in 2011, Good Food Gold Coast has confirmed the need of Gold Coast diners for stories about dining experiences, behind the scenes chats with restaurateurs and chefs, discussion about food trends and industry issues, and a fair appraisal of great value, good food venues and suppliers on the coast.

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How we dine and write – As an independent site, we are not influenced by advertising. First and foremost, the site is driven by passion rather than financial considerations. (Restaurants are not able to advertise on our site, although other businesses may contact us about advertising space.)

Nor do we depend on advance notice to let you know we are dining with you. Very often, dining as regular diners, we request an interview after we have paid for our meal.

Where we dine by request as guests of the eatery, that will always be stated on our post, as required by Australian law.

Good articles cannot be bought. (Although we may discuss issues of concern, it is not our intention to write about hugely disappointing experiences either. Eateries of concern do enough damage to themselves without our help, and most do not survive.)

Marj Osborne – A little about me, the writer…

I’m fascinated by all things food. When I’m not sniffing out fresh seafood or truffles, the search is on for the story behind the plate.

Food involves passion. It’s the conduit for me to find people who really care about what they do, who bring colour and flavour to others’ lives rather than simply existing in the mundane.

While I have some experience of hospitality teaching, food reviewing and wine appreciation, first and foremost I’m an informed foodie, customer and Gold Coast resident. I’ll tell you what I think about our food adventures, where to find great value and diverse food experiences.

All photographs on the site are my own, unless otherwise acknowledged. Business owners are welcome to use site content or photographs from Good Food Gold Coast; however we ask that the content or photographs be acknowledged, that a direct link to Good Food Gold Coast be placed on your site and/or express permission be sought from the copyright owner.

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Quotation Source: Rogers, B 2003 Beef and liberty: Roast beef, John Bull and the English nation, London, Chatto & Windus.