Japanese cuisine comes to Carrara

Kemuri is a little Japanese gem hidden from sight in the middle of suburban Carrara. Owned by Hiroyuki Okubo and his wife Yuki, one could easily overlook it due to a lack of curiosity or understanding. In fact, the couple between them have great experience, Yuki a French-trained chef and Hiro a top-level sommelier and […]

Zeus Street Greek’s Tzatziki recipe

If you dream of holidays in the Mediterranean, there’s probably a little restaurant beside that azure sea serving delicious Greek food and wine: succulent flame-grilled lamb and seafood, great flatbread and delicious dips. The team at Zeus Street Greek brings traditional Greek food with a modern twist to the Gold Coast, their new outlet in […]

BBQ Duck with Honey Plum Sauce, Micro-Salad and Cherries

Our local Chinese-Malay restaurant, Kenny’s Malay, serves a delicious Duck salad, which we have enjoyed on many occasions. While Kenny’s sauce remains his secret, I have attempted to capture some of its flavours, translated to a dish that can be presented as an entree at a dinner party. Not able to find the microherbs I […]

Shitake mushroom and asparagus nori rolls

Many years ago, one of my dinner party recipes was a nori-lined spring roll stuffed with marron we’d caught while visiting a local dam, the heads poking out of the end of the spring roll for presentation. It’s an recipe easily adapted to prawns and asparagus or, in this case, to shitake mushrooms and asparagus […]

Watermelon and Prawn salad with Thai dressing

The warmer weather of summertime calls for fresh, bright dishes. Moving away from winter’s comfort food, we long to stay hydrated, to feel energised though lighter eating.. It’s not uncommon to see fruit in salads, particularly peaches and nectarines. This year, watermelons have been luscious, so I developed this recipe with inspiration from two sources: […]

Make your own Sauerkraut – The Good Wolf’s recipe

Sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, … What do these foods have in common, and why should we include them in our diet? They are all fermented. Long before we had refrigeration, fermentation was used to preserve food that would otherwise go to waste. Many cultures also realised fermented foods’ contribution to health, its ‘good’ bacteria contributing to […]