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It’s one of our favourite winter weekend breakfasts: Spanish chorizo with garlic, spinach, chargrilled capsicum and tomato served on a piece of sourdough toast. Filling, nourishing and delicious, it’s easy to prepare, especially with a few shortcuts! Chorizo sausages freeze well in the packet, and most other ingredients come from the pantry or garden, so no special shopping is needed. You can use canned tomatoes, capsicum from a jar or even a mild capsicum ajvar relish in this recipe without taste suffering too much. The two compromises we never make, however, are fresh garlic and Gotzinger chorizo. For us, they’re non-negotiables! Let me tell you why…


Antony van der Drift’s family is “sausage royalty’ according to hatted chef Peter Stubbs of Cinco Bistro, Camp Hill.

Antony, who owns Gotzinger Smallgoods with his wife Lisbeth, left school to work in his father Hans’ factory: Hans Smallgoods.

“Dad was a pastry chef by trade. When he emigrated from Poland to Australia in 1956, he opened a shop,” Antony tells us. “He started making traditional Polish meat loaves rolled in breadcrumbs for his customers. As demand grew, he branched out into sausages and other products. Hans Smallgoods had begun!”


Making sausages proved to be a career that Antony fell in love with; one which took him overseas to Austria to learn more about his trade. On his return to Australia, with the family business sold during his absence, Antony left the industry for a while before deciding to purchase a smallgoods business of his own. The couple bought Gotzinger in October 2000 bringing passion and Antony’s own heritage into a century-old company.


Under the motto ‘Australian crafted, European heritage’, Gotzinger crafts a wide range of traditional products from the finest cuts of meat, such as kransky (awarded Best Sausage 2015 by Queensland Taste), German bratwurst, Spanish chorizo, cabana, cheese kransky and black pudding.

“Every sausage is different. It has its own spices, its own recipe,” Lisbeth says. “Our sausages are gluten free, all made with real meat, naturally wood-smoked with no added colouring and minimal preservative. In the end, though, it’s what the person does with the sausage that makes them special,” she says.


The couple has expanded the company, opening the James Street Deli before moving the whole business from Burleigh to Yatala in 2003, improving packaging, streamlining sizing and marketing to a wider audience of retail stores, hotels and restaurants than ever before. The staff of 14 has grown to 85 people now employed in the business.


Most of all, however, they take real pride in their products, with craftsmanship and technique being second nature.

“We employ a Swiss master butcher. He’s part of a great team. There’s a lot of passion in the people in the factory. We’re all extremely proud of the product we put out,” Antony says. “We’re presently relabelling, and are negotiating export to the United Arab Emirates.”


Now employing the third generation of the van der Drift family in the business, Antony says his father still comes in from time to time, always repeating the same line: ‘Never forget the quality’. It’s the mantra for success.

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Spanish Chorizo with tomatoes (serves 2)

200g Gotzinger Spanish chorizo, sliced thickly (2 sausages)

2 cloves garlic, crushed

1 small white onion, finely chopped (or use 4 spring onions)

½ chargrilled red capsicum, skinned and chopped roughly (or use mild ajvar)

Handful of chopped English spinach

1 tbs chopped fresh basil leaves

1 x 400g tin of chopped tomatoes

2 eggs (optional)

2 slices sourdough toast

Fry the chorizo, onions and garlic in a non-stick pan for about 2 – 3 minutes, stirring regularly, until chorizo is slightly browned on both sides. (Use a little olive oil if pan is non-stick; otherwise no oil is needed.) Pour in the tomatoes, add capsicum and basil and stir. Bring to the boil, then simmer for about 5 minutes. Add chopped spinach just before serving and cook only long enough to wilt the spinach. Serve, topped with parsley over sourdough toast.

Optional: Poach two eggs in the mixture as it cooks, placing a lid on the frypan to partially steam the eggs. Top eggs with grated parmesan.

NOTE: Gotzinger products are available at Woolworths nationally, Coles (Queensland), IGA, Costco, at independent delicatessens and at the company’s own deli.

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Gotzinger Deli Café Open: 6:15am – 4pm Mon – Fri
126 Lahrs Road, Yatala QLD