Grazeway adds new flavours to Nerang dining

Grazeway adds new flavours to Nerang dining

Grazeway, the latest café to pop up in Nerang, is a great addition to the developing Tibbing Street food precinct.

For Akita and Christian, owners of Grazeway Café in Nerang, their business is about art. The art of food.

Fresh and bright, the new venue focuses on Modern Australian café cuisine, bringing a younger demographic to the area.

Maple Bacon Pumpkin Toast, Open Truffle Omelette and Mango Bliss Smoothie

Like all businesses, Grazeway’s beginnings are unique, even unexpected. Yet given the innate creativity and skills this couple possess, their success is not surprising.

Akita relates the business’s humble beginnings, not from a grand vision but from a work of love. In 2018, after trawling through Pinterest for ideas, Akita decided to create her own grazing platter for their daughter’s first birthday party, making it from scratch, including the board and the garland. Party guests raved about it, and soon requests began rolling in for friends’ birthday parties and other events.

Grazeway owners, Christian and Akita

They approached their new business with care, interviewing clients to determine what they wanted, then carefully constructing each platter as a unique piece to fulfill those needs.

“It’s an unforgettable experience,” Akita tells us. “Every plate is an edible work of art. And each single platter tells a story.”

Each Grazeway platter is created to suit your individual needs

With every word she speaks we sense the conviction and dedication to each product.

It was a self-evident passion, with jobs leading to referrals, and so the business grew. The couple left their previous jobs and in 2021 began looking for a ghost kitchen as a preparation and pickup point for their grazing platters.

Corn Fritter Stack

But then their creativity kicked in again. Realising that it was the ideal opportunity to fulfil their dream of owning a café, they set up the new premises as dual function, a fully functioning café along with their business base.

“The opportunity came and we just took it,” Akita says.

With the couple’s self-belief founded in their successful business, their vision for Grazeway has grown since opening. What started as a few takeaway items in a cabinet has progressed to a full café menu of modern wholefood brunches.

Ultimate Poke Bowl

With its eclectic mix of standards such as benes, burgers, and bowls through to pancakes, tacos and a shared breakfast tower, Grazeway caters well to the needs of modern diners, presentation being a strength. There are lots of ‘add ons’ so you can make the dish your own.

While we believe that any menu that nails Smashed avo, Eggs Bene and Acai is sure to attract the brunch crowd, there’s a lot more to the menu than that. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are clearly marked on the menu, the call for healthy and vegan food increasing.

Open Truffle Omelette

What stands out is that Akita and Christian are intent on putting their own creativity on dishes to make them their own. In a refreshing point of difference, the Open Truffle Omelette dotted with garlic truffled mushrooms, caramelised onions, melted bocconcini, fried enoki and saltbush is a work of art, and one of the gorgeous omelettes on the coast.

Maple Bacon Pumpkin Toast is an unexpected favourite, the melding of sweet and crispy maple bacon with the luxe silkiness of pumpkin puree amd melted bocconcini on great Pixel sourdough gets crunchy detail from house made dukkah and fried sage, dukkah also swirled around the plate as decoration. It’s a genius of a dish and, though we’ve seen this combination of flavours before, the textures are unique to Grazeway.

Maple Bacon Pumpkin Toast

Using local organic Blackboard coffee, freshly made smoothies and bottled cold pressed juices complement the meals.

Looking ahead, the couple are not only intent on perfecting their craft, but also on expanding their business further. Judging by their progress to date, it will be an exciting future.

Grazeway, Shop 1/1 Tibbing St, Nerang Qld 4211 Ph: 0409 131 456 Open daily 6.30am – 2pm

NOTE: Good Food Gold Coast dined as a guest of Grazeway on one occasion. Two photographs supplied by Grazeway.
Open daily 6.30am – 2pm
Shop 1/1 Tibbing St, Nerang Qld 4211