Spice Kitchen & Bar

For such a loved cuisine, there’s a scarcity of Thai food in the centre of Broadbeach. Thai-lovers, fear no more! The problem has been solved with the addition of Spice Kitchen & Bar opening under The Oasis in May 2021.

Full of youthful enthusiasm and vigour, three young friends, Krystal Kewalee, Tony Kritthaphas and Nan Chuminunt opened Spice as their first business, a Thai eatery that has already gained a strong local following of locals.

“We decided to open Spice Kitchen & Bar at The Oasis due to the convenient, relaxing, yet hustle and bustle of the location, as well as the vibe that it provides,” says co-owner Krystal.

They chose the beachside shopping centre’s downstairs dining area for its modern space and the comfortable shaded alfresco area opening out onto the pedestrian mall.

“We have decorated the restaurant with a mix of greenery and real plants that purify the air to indicate the freshness and nature vibes. We also love the proximity to the beach.”

Taking the cuisine of Chiangmai and adjusting the heat level to suit Australian diners the trio, together with Chef Tony, are proud to present Broadbeach with their version of Thai cuisine.

Starters provide us with an eclectic span of Asian snacks. From prawn and fish cakes to charcoal bao, and chicken satay to crispy fried chicken with Sriracha mayo, there are lots of small plates suitable to share.

The main part of the menu covers rice and noodle dishes, meats and stir-fries, curries, soup and salads, ensuring that the range of dishes suits all seasons.

Crafting dishes from recipes given to him by his grandmother, Chef Tony has included some of Thailand’s most popular dishes: Green Papaya Salad (one of several delightful Thai salads), Moo Krob (crispy pork belly with Thai sauce), Pad Thai and Pad See Ew, popular street food noodle dishes.

The menu also features some ubiquitous but equally popular Thai-fusion dishes:  a mild version of Crispy chicken with cashew nut, Massaman and Panang curries and vegetables with oyster sauce.

Our favourite dishes were the Tom Yum Goong (ask for a few slices of lime to top off this fragrant prawn soup), and the turmeric rich Khao Soi Gai, (listed as Lanna Thai Curry on the menu), a favourite Northern Thai coconut-based curried noodle dish that’s hard to find on the Gold Coast. Spiced’s version uses chicken on the bone and is topped with delicious crispy noodles and a slice of lemon. Bursting with flavour, this dish is just one example of the way that Chef Tony and Nan add their own little twists to either the taste, presentation or creativity of the dish, while maintaining the authentic taste of Thai food.

With mains priced at $20 – $27 and lunch specials under $15, the menu’s keen price point entices visitors to stop off after a beach visit and locals to linger and dine on their shopping trip. A short drinks menu includes mocktails so that you can easily drive home. We noted that vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes are also clearly marked on the menu.

Beautifully presented and tasty, Spice’s dishes depend on their spices rather than heat for flavour, the heat level toned down to cater for the majority of diners. We noted that the restaurant welcomes diners to ask for more chilli if they wish for hotter dishes. After all, you can turn the heat up but not down!

Spice Kitchen & Bar, The Oasis Shopping Centre, 75 Victoria Ave, Broadbeach Ph: 07 5679 1992 Open daily from 11am to 9pm.

Open daily from 11am to 9pm.
The Oasis Shopping Centre, Surf Parade, Broadbeach QLD, Australia