Greenwood Farm

“When you work hard for something you don’t like, that’s called stress. When you work hard for something you enjoy, that’s passion,” Greenwood Farm’s co-owner Paul Fullwood tells us, laughing. After taking a five-minute trip out of suburbia, we’re discussing the concept of work vs passion with husband and wife team Angi and Paul Fullwood […]

Eat Local – Book review

Eat Local – Food, Farming and Conversation in the Scenic Rim By Brenda Fawdon & Christine Sharp We’re mad about real food. The sort that is grown by local farmers or in home and community gardens, the produce arriving in our kitchen after travelling minimum food miles. There’s something grounded about scrubbing soil off vegies […]

Come on down to The Farm!

Touted as a ‘destination’ farm, a ‘community of growers, producers, eateries, educators and more’, The Farm at Byron Bay is an 86 acre property owned by Tony and Emma Lane, heirs to the Oroton empire. Turn off the Pacific Highway to Byron Bay, and The Farm’s most visible signpost is a full carpark. With a […]