Koi Broadbeach

‘The only constant in life is change’ Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, and that’s certainly true of the dining scene in Broadbeach. Restaurants open, close, change owners, staff and cuisine so often that it’s hard to keep track. Among them, there are several stayers that set the standard of food and service for the rest, their […]

Izakaya Ichi

Sitting pretty amongst laminex diners, Izakaya Ichi is as cute as a Ningyō Kabuki doll. With fairy lights winking and the dining wagon calling, there are lots of reasons to check out this little gem. Owned by Young Hun Cha, owner of the Sushi 1 chain, the bar opened in late 2015, the flagship (he […]

Cambus Wallace

It only took three words, “Let’s do it!” to launch eleven friends into action. Their venture, The Cambus Wallace opened in late 2012, inspired by history – the history of a ship run aground; the history of a nation whose currency was ‘rum’. “We wanted to fill in the blank spot that we thought was […]

Etsu Izakaya

“There was a time when people went out just to enjoy a really good meal. Restaurants’ reputations were built on the quality of their food. That’s all changed. Now, restaurants must provide the whole package. It’s not just about the food. We’re in the entertainment industry. We have to give someone a great experience. Bad […]