Yatala Pies

Yatala Pies has been a landmark business in Queensland for around 130 years. Finally, in Queensland’s Q150 celebration of 2009, Yatala Pies was awarded the status of ‘Cultural Icon’ – one of the 15 locations that put our state on the map. Exit 38 of the Motorway is now especially signposted so that day trippers don’t miss their turn to sample an award-winning pie.

It’s quite nostalgic visiting this establishment. Although there’s far more modern baking machinery than a hundred years ago out in the kitchen, there’s still an all-Australian feel to the place. Housed in a modern colonial homestead, you walk through fly mesh timber-framed doors to be greeted by a beaming smile and a casual ‘Can I help you, mate?’ Once the haunt of timbercutters, today there’s a steady mix of customers including workmen in King Gee shorts and steel-capped boots, passing locals who’ve come to buy their favourite menu items, and Asian tourists who aren’t too sure what to order.

There’s something for everyone on the menu. You can order a traditional pie such as steak and kidney (under $5), a more expensive gourmet pie such as Lamb, mint and peas or Chicken mushroom mornay pie ($5.80), the Aussie workman’s lunch – a pie floater (meat pie with a filling of mushy pies all smothered in gravy) with a side of mashed potato, or even chips and gravy. If you can fit it in, there’s also a range of sweet pies and baked goods including a stickily sweet caramel tart topped with cream – just like Mum used to make. Coffee is also available, the Yatala mugs a reminder that coffee does taste better drunk from real china. The wide verandah provides a shady spot to eat your meal before you hit the road again, or you can use the drive through to pick up your take away.

48 Old Pacific Highway, Yatala North, Queensland 4207 Ph: 07 3287 2468

Open daily 7am – 8.30pm

Open daily 7am – 8.30pm
48 Old Pacific Highway, Yatala QLD, Australia