Best fish and chips

There was a time when Sunday nights meant fish and chips for dinner, the aroma of salty chips escaping from their butcher’s paper wrapping. With Good Friday fast approaching, here…

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Dining in a COVID-19 society

The World Health Organization has announced that COVID-19 is a pandemic, which means that we are living in a new age that most of us have not experienced before. While…

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Ramen roundup, Gold Coast

From a working man’s dish in China to Japan in the 19th century, to being given ‘haute cuisine’ status in America by chef David Chang, ramen has journeyed along trade…

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Poke, we’re dedicated to you

When you’re looking for food on the run, poke bowls are one of the healthiest, most convenient fast food meals in town. The name ‘poke’ (pronounced ‘po-kay’, and written without…

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Fine Food Emporiums

Where do foodies go to buy that special treat? We give you five places to buy the food of local and international artisan producers. Be warned: you’re likely to leave…

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Food trends for 2020

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My life revolves around food, culture and family. Here are some insights for 2020 from the crystal ball of food, some of them on a wishful note to ensure a…

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An Alternative Shrove Tuesday

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One of Easter’s celebration days, Shrove Tuesday, celebrated this year on 25 February, has unusual beginnings. Also known as Pancake Day, it began as a way to use up the…

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Six new casual Japanese restaurants

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The back streets of Japanese cities are filled with tiny eateries, each specialising in different dishes. They’re the inspiration for travellers who have gone home to create their own version…

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Egg Drop Soup

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Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is China’s most important festival celebrating the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. In 2020, Chinese New…

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