Cook and Feast’s Fig, Almond & Honey Cake recipe

Sharing food is the greatest act of community and connection. Breaking bread. Sharing a table. Feasts are a gathering of family and friends. People and culture. Creating connections. Food is a conduit. Food, however simple or extravagant, has the immense power of bringing people together. Thus, eating with family and friends old and new, is […]

Crème Brûlée Tart, Bam Bam

When you’re craving that sweet, but not too sweet treat mid-morning, head to Bam Bam Bakehouse for their Crème Brûlée tart, specially created by Head Pastry Chef Aurelio Gulino using CSR specialty sugars. Its short, biscuity base is filled with luscious caramelised coconut sugar patisserie cream, flamed off on top for a crisp, cracking layer […]

Pumpkin Scones from Ida’s Kitchen

Pumpkin scones, made famous by Joh Bjelke-Petersen’s wife Flo, were once synonymous with Queensland country baking. Now, they are undergoing a resurgence at the hands of Ida’s Kitchen Head Pastry Chef Elsa Holland, inspired by pumpkin pie on a recent trip to the United States. When you visit Ida’s Kitchen, the bright new café on […]

A Taste of Chocolate

Sunday, 7 July, is World Chocolate Day, celebrating the introduction of cocoa to Europe by Spanish Explorer Don Hernan Cortes in 1550. Traced back to the ancient Mayans, for most of its history chocolate was drunk as a bitter beverage. The Aztecs revered chocolate as ‘food from the gods’, a view which many people share […]

Raw Vegan Fudge Brownie Donuts

Do you suffer from ‘pantryatitis’, the condition where your pantry becomes blocked with unused leftovers? Your vintage spice collection is housed in pretty jars, the besan flour you needed for that exotic recipe you just had to try out still sits there… Throw out the nasties, because there’s a better pantry experience in sight. Welcome […]