Kemuri’s Izakaya Omakase Evening

Kemuri’s Izakaya Omakase Evening

Tonight, Kemuri Japanese held the first of its Izakaya Omakase share menu of eight exceptional courses for a minimum of two people at $45pp. Wine, sake and beer can be purchased by the glass, or chosen by Sommelier Hiro (ex-Paper Daisy and Ten Japanese) to match the courses.

The restaurant is decorated in izakaya style to create the mood.

It was our pleasure to sample the OMAKASE MENU:
Firstly, to pique our palate, Gomaae – tender fresh baby spinach leaves dressed in a rich sesame sauce served with freshly squeezed Junmai sake from Northern Japan and Premium Suntory beer.

The freshest sashimi – Scallop, salmon and tuna carpaccio with freshly cooked grain, edible flowers and nasturtium leaves. Truly delectable! This dish was served with Honjozo sake, Tsuki No Katsura, which has added alcohol.

Kakiage – Tempura prawn, soy bean and onion ball balanced by Saikyo miso grilled and caramelised salmon slices, grated ginger on the side.

Prawn and pork dumpling with sour soy sauce, ginger, garlic and sesame are very tender to the bite.The Hokoshima sake is made by the Kimoto method, the oldest way that sake was made, now in vogue again as modern sake makers turn back to traditional methods to improve their sake.

(We note that almost all of the dishes presented in the omakase are available on Kemuri’s regular menu. What a fabulous way to try them!)

Yakitori – Teriyaki and honey chicken grilled over Hibachi shirin charcoal by a guest chef. Yum!
‘Angel wings’ Gyoza – the most intriguing crunchy skin contrasting with the softness of the gyoza.

Bao, lovingly handmade by Yuki each morning, are filled with Softshell crab and Wagyu beef.

Our final sake is from Hyogo near Osaka. Here, the water is harder than in the north, so the sake is heated to soften the flavour.

Every course is exceptional in this fabulous, relaxing night out, the service delightful and the experience of having each sake explained is invaluable!

Black sesame pudding with cream and black sesame is indulgently rich and far more delicious than it looks.

Thank you to the staff of Kemuri for a truly wonderful evening!

DETAILS: Kemuri’s Izakaya Omakase Evening is held on the last Monday night of every month. Seats are limited to 30 people, with dining by reservation only from 5.30 – 9pm. Please email [email protected] or Ph. 0405280328 to make a booking.

NOTE: Good Food Gold Coast dined as a guest of Kemuri.