Hats aren’t only measure of success

Highly prized, dining awards are ‘the Oscars’ of food, often seen as a measure of restaurants’ success. For much of the world, The Michelin Guide is the pinnacle of success, but not in Australia. Our most prominent awards are The Good Food Guide Awards, launched in Melbourne as The Age Good Food Guide in 1979, […]

The Fixed Price Lunch

On a recent holiday to Europe, we discovered the ‘Prix Fixe’ lunch. In Spain (and many other European countries) many people have their main meal at lunchtime and a far lighter dinner late at night. It’s normal practice, even for business people, to sit down to a three-course meal at around 2pm. To cater for […]

5 Reasons to do a Devour Food Tour in Spain

You’ve arrived in a new country for a week’s holiday. Where do you start? For us, an award-winning Devour Barcelona tour provides the perfect way to orientate ourselves, to discover the hidden gems of a country, its history and local secrets. Nothing brings people together like sharing a meal, drinks and some fun! We soon […]

First Table

Want to dine at some of our best restaurants for half the price? Half-priced restaurant service First Table launches on the Gold Coast on June 4, with more than a dozen new restaurants joining the discount dining network, including local favourites SoPo Dining Room and Baskk at Kirra Point. First Table rewards diners making early-bird […]

Community Gardens

Gardening has played an important part in the culture in many civilisations. Gardening not only provides a recreational pastime for many people, but their gardens give a sense of well-being, peace and aesthetic charm. Some have become a status symbol. With an increasing interest in organics and the farm-to-table journey, home gardening is becoming more […]

Why you should teach your child to cook

Cooking as a family has been one of our most enjoyable celebratory activities. Be it the nightly family dinner or an extended family feast, the joy in sharing a meal goes far beyond the table. From the time our son was a toddler, he would join in the culinary action. At first, his involvement meant […]

Golden Oldies Dining

The Gold Coast’s status as a retirement hotspot, as highlighted in recent media releases, has direct ramifications for the hospitality industry. While there’s no questioning the worth of being ‘Games ready’, with domestic and local tourism being our biggest market, it’s worth looking most closely at who those ‘locals’ are. People over 65 years of […]

Be my Valentine

A priest, Roman soldiers, forbidden love, a poet, pagan fertility rites and a church membership drive. Valentine’s Day has a rather interesting history. The tale begins with a Catholic priest, Saint Valentine, who married Roman soldiers in secret, an act forbidden by law. His ‘Love is love’ philosophy led to his own unfortunate end, executed […]

10 ‘must try’ Hawaiian desserts

“To travel is to live,” said Hans Christian Anderson. As travellers, many of our lasting memories are tied up with food – not only what we ate, but also where we were and with whom. The memory of sipping a Mai Tai at the beach bar with our toes dug into the sand at Waikiki […]

‘The Great Australian Cookbook’ – Cookbook review

Until Barnaby Joyce’s identity crisis, I knew who I was. At least I thought I did. Born in Australia and adopted as an infant by New Zealand-born parents, I spent much of my childhood in rural New Zealand, and my teens in Sydney. Besides State of Origin night (an even more complicated story), my identity […]