Tarte settles beside Currumbin Creek

Tarte settles beside Currumbin Creek

Some of the best foodie news we’ve heard this year was that Chloe Watts had taken over the former Saltwater Restaurant on Currumbin Creek, one of the Gold Coast’s favourite locations.

After a full renovation, the impressive Parisian-style pâtisserie opened on August 10.

“This has been my dream spot for years,” says Chloe, the former owner of Paddock Bakery, as she recounted her longing walk-bys even before she opened Tarte in 2020. Chloe’s dreams took their first step towards reality when her mother urged her to approach the former restaurateur and ask whether she would consider selling. The timing was right, and after Chloe secured the dual-lease property, she set about transforming the building to her own exceptionally high standards.

Chloe sourced individual vintage and antique pieces with great care: 100-year-old umbrellas from a French beach, an old pharmacy table for the entranceway sits on a black and white marbled floor, and lawyer cane light shades along the veranda add a rustic touch to the otherwise French theming. Each piece of furniture, each beam framing the view has its own story of its former life and how it came to be here. A wall of historic photographs tells the story of the two Tarte venues through the ages. In a world dominated by obsolescence, their message is clear: everything has a purpose and with thought it can be repurposed to find new meaning.

Not content with replicating Tarte, Chloe wanted the menu to fit the iconic magnitude of its location: “I wanted to bring an elevated take on Tarte to this amazing venue,” she says, adding that the opening menu will be further expanded as Beach House settles.

Comprising several levels, customers walk in from the street to a stylish 100-seat restaurant with attention-grabbing savoury dishes, such as zingy House-cured beetroot and citrus-cured salmon served with fresh citrus pieces and herbs around a bed of whipped crème fraîche, or the luxurious Lobster roll with hot buttered Southern Rock lobster sandwiched in a toasted homemade brioche bun. Using only top ingredients, it’s no surprise that the Steak ‘n’ Frites Sandwich features Wagyu, shoestring fries and homemade chimichurri, or that the Crab Linguini shows off local Spanner crab at its best, served with confit tomato, garlic, chilli and olive oil.  A varied array of pastries complements the savoury offerings.

And don’t just settle for your usual coffee (even though it is from Parallel Roasters) because the drink offerings are just as elevated. The hot chocolate featuring three different kinds of chocolate and a pillow of torched marshmallow on top is a meal in itself. Or perhaps you’d like Chloe’s take on a crème brûlée, a crème anglaise creation that she designed herself. Fully licensed, drinks are served from the coffee window, which helps separate space and facilitates speedy service.

The downstairs café seating 120 diners mirrors the intention of its walk-off-the-sand sister venue, Tarte Bakehouse in Burleigh, serving casual fare such as bagels, pastries, juices and coffees.

Another higher level of the venue, presently used for storage, will be unveiled further down the track, together with extending opening hours to selected evening dining. For now, though, let’s bask in the winter sun in this magnificent venue overlooking the sparkling waters of Currumbin Creek.

Tarte Beach House, 2 Thrower Drive, Currumbin QLD, Open daily: 6.30am – 3pm.

Open daily: 6.30am – 3pm
2 Thrower Drive, Currumbin QLD 4223