Falafel is king

Falafel is king

For the best falafel on the coast, look no further than Falafels. Their handmade falafel is the tastiest we have eaten in years. Crunchy on the outside, soft and textured inside, they’re ‘out of the ball park’ fabulous! Once you try one, you’ll be asking for more.

So, what’s the secret?

Handmade falafel are the king of the menu at Falafels

Well, let’s back up a bit.

For Noam Katzir and his partner Ariel Kedar, owners of Falafels, making the best falafel on the Gold Coast had not always been their dream.

It was their return to Israel during Covid that reset their compass and rekindled their passion for the street food they grew up with. With it came the dream of sharing this food when they returned to Australia.

Noam and Ariel, owners of Falafels

“I immediately knew what our next venture would be,” Noam tells us when we visit.

Having been around food all his life, Noam was a barista by trade, owning four cafés after he emigrated from Israel to Sydney in 2008.

But his new café just north of the QSuper Centre in Mermaid Waters would be different.

Falafel, green tahini and pita crisps

“I wanted to make food to trigger the tastebuds of diners like Israeli street food does,” Noam tells us. “We grew up with this food available on every corner. Not many people make it at home because it is so time consuming and messy to make. We buy it,” he says, adding that he wanted Australians to experience those exciting flavours.

So, he and Ariel pursued their goal of making the best versions of the dishes they loved. Beginning with a vegetarian and almost entirely plant-based menu, its wholefood colours speak volumes about the nutrition within.

Meze platter, a feast for two

By 2023, Falafels’ menu had expanded, adding chicken and turmeric rice to the menu to broaden their customer base. Falafels still make up the centrepiece, either in pita pockets, on plates, salads or a mezze platter, however now grilled marinated chicken and chicken schnitzel have joined the party as options. Food can be delivered (via partners), you can take away or dine in.

The eatery has also opened for breakfast daily, serving coffee from 6am and pita toasties from 7am.

Almost every dish is made from scratch in the store except the silky tahini imported from Israel and the baklava that’s unbelievably delicious.

Working for one of the best hummus makers in Israel who owned a chain of over seventy hummus stores (hummus being the only product on sale), Noam perfected his own version of the protein rich dip. Dried chickpeas are soaked overnight before being used in hummus and falafel. Texture and flavour are everything.

The couple also make green tahini, even more colourful and nutritious with the addition of herbs, and handmade labneh, one of the few dairy products on the menu.

Get your hands on some of the deliciously crunchy golden pita chips to dig into the one of the dips. They’re so moreish!

Cabbage salad, tahini and pita chips

The falafel are a revelation, and once you’ve tried them you won’t go back to other versions.

While most places make falafel from a pre-made mix or powder, here they are made to order from Ariel’s secret recipe.

These falafel are made with love. Their look and taste is superior, with a tinge of green because of the amount of coriander and parsley they use, super crunchy on the outside with a soft but noticeable texture inside from using real chickpeas rather than a mix. Their flavour carries salty, smoky herbal overtones that are hypnotic.

Treat yourself to a Classic Falafel Pocket. Packed full of freshly made falafel topped with homemade tahini, hummus and fresh salads, it’s perfect for a filling lunch on the go.

The colours of this flavoursome feast speak of the nutrients it contains

Or take your time with a plate full of goodness: a base of hummus topped with sautéed mushrooms and caramelised onion, freshly chopped cucumber and tomato salad and seasoned cabbage.

Whatever you choose, there are no losers here. Easy, fast and light, this is inexpensive, nutritious food perfect for a quick meal.

It’s real Middle Eastern food packed with goodness, pita pockets stuffed with quality ingredients, fresh salads and some of the best dips we’ve tasted.

Just make sure that falafel are on your plate. No matter how great the other elements of each dish are, the falafel is king. You won’t look back.

Hummus bowl with falafel, salads and fresh pita bread

Falafels, Shop2c, lot 2009 Lakeview Blvd, Mermaid Waters QLD 4218 Ph: 0472 742 874

Open 7 days 6am – 3pm

NOTE: Good Food Gold Coast dined as a guest of Falafels.

Open daily: 6am – 3pm
7-Eleven, Lakeview Boulevard, Mermaid Waters QLD, Australia